The Cover Photo Sells The Book

- - Photoshoot Video

Here’s your recession proof photo gig people. Shooting covers for Harlequin romance novels like photographer Robert Goshgarian is doing in this video for ABC news. The novels are up 32% and the cover photo always closes the sale.

Thanks, John Strohsacker for the tip.

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  1. I hope that readers go beyond the video and visit Robert Goshgarian’s website to view his amazing talent and versatility. He also has one of the best websites that I’ve seen in a long time. Take time to read his bio as well – its a gem.

  2. Forget shooting covers…I’m changing careers! “She eyed his portly frame from across the free clinic. He was tying his shoe, beats of hot perspiration beading on his dominant brow. Her body build for pleasure, his for nuclear fallout.”

  3. Really interesting and funny.
    I’m not used to this kind of litterature but I believe that cover an huge amount of the market. So lucky the photographer.

  4. LOVE his art!!! Pulls you in. If you’re into Robert Goshgarian-esque type work, I highly reccommend the LABA Festival (May 2-14). Displays art (visual and movement) of up and coming artists in NYC. Housed at the 14th Street Y.