List of Photography Consultants

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  1. Suzanne Sease


    I love what you are doing- thank you!!!

    And thank you for including me a list of so many amazing consultants. Many I have the honor of “breaking bread” with and many great conversations.

    I would like to stress that photographers interview the consultants they are interesting in using. See how they think, see where their experience is based, and how you connect. Remember this person is responsible for your future- paying for bad advice will get them no where. Paying for great advice will get you the work you want to get-

  2. I offer consulting services to photographers around issues concerning stock photography exclusively. I am a long time stock photo executive and have participated with Amanda Sosa Stone and Suzanne Sease in writing the section in the handout for their seminars in the section on stock. I invite interested photographers to visit to fill out a form for a complimentary response.

  3. Rob

    I would also like to mention Allegra Wilde in the consulting mix. I have had some dealings with her as have some of my esteemed colleagues, I have only heard and experienced good things, she’s a real diamond.

    Unfortunately she doesn’t have a site up at this moment in time but its on the way, if anyone wishes to get in touch with her please drop me a line and I will point you in the right direction.

    • Hello Sir,

      I am interested in reaching Ms. Allegria Wilde. I work with the photographer, Greg Lotus. Might you be able to put us in touch with her?

      thank you!

      MJ Miarecki

  4. I like Allegra Wilde alot. She used to be at the Workbook but is on her own now. I find her to be super experienced and very blugged into what is going on in the market and has been quite helpful is providing me with some needed direction.(allegrawilde(at)

  5. I want to echo the fabulous Suzanne’s comments–it is vital to talk with different consultants to pick the right one for you. You’re going to get so much more from any relationship with a consultant if you click with that person and you pick the one who best matches with your needs (we each are better at some things than other things).

    Also, if you can get to one of Suzanne and Amanda’s events, go! I’ve never met Amanda personally but I know that Suzanne is very smart (and fun!) and I’m sure she wouldn’t work with someone she didn’t respect as well.

  6. I’ve worked with Amanda Sosa Stone a couple of times over the last year – She’s got a great attitude; great experience…and she cuts to the chase, no b.s.
    Highly recommended!

  7. I was lucky enough to take a class with Mary Virginia Swanson, and what I learned in three weeks about photo business and marketing was more than I learned in my BFA photo program in four years! Check her out!

  8. @5 – I would like to second what Andy said. Though I’m not sure I’d fall into the category of “esteemed colleague”, I can say that Allegra Wilde ( is a wealth of insight and advice. She also happens to love photography. I have met with her several times and she has really helped me to realign and refine my message. It is a good thing for all of us to crawl out from under the dark cloth and get some perspective.

  9. Don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade, but you know what? There’s this really great group of people on this and other photography discussion forums. I’m learning a lot from you. In fact, you’re my virtual brain trust.

    Not that I’m against hiring consultants, but sometimes the best consultants are as close as your online community.

  10. I feel re-inspired by all this new info, I had not thought of a consultant before. I think it will be my next step.
    Once (or twice ) a year, I feel like quitting photography,
    this angle provides some new hopes when I am feeling this way!

    • @Lise Varrette,
      Every time I come home with a new group of pictures, my husband says, “honey, these are really good, you should do something with our talent.” I have even seen pictures just like the ones I have taken that I have taken in stores. Even friends has commented, “wow, did you take this.” How do I pursue this?

  11. I’ve worked with Stella Kramer on several occasions and she gives you good ideas about your work and leaves you feeling hopeful and inspired. Sometimes you have so much crap going on in your head about marketing your work, it’s nice to have an experienced mind help you make sense of it all.

  12. i worked with stella kramer too and it was a lifesaver for me. i took a seminar with stella and three other professional photogs (including buff strickland, hi buff!!) and through the focused direction of stella and the informed input of the other photographers, i was able to completely reorganize my website. i think stella’s eye is just so experienced that she can look at a book and in two seconds say ‘here’s your story.’ it really made a huge difference for me.

  13. I love working with Stella Kramer. She is very supportive and has a unique way of putting together images. She makes you see your work in a whole new way.

  14. I also had the pleasure of working with Stella Kramer. She was great and very informative. Her portfolio review helped me understand the strength of a tighter edit and her fresh voice/eye was just what I needed as an emerging photographer.

  15. For the past 6 years I have been working with photographers as their producer and project manager but also giving them key pointers for marketing and portfolio construction. I am just now honing in on the niche market of commercial photography consulting and representation.

    What is a good starting rate for consulting?


  16. I worked with monica suder a few years ago & she is great. I highly recommend her. She has great insight & seemed to know from day one exactly where I was & exactly what I needed.

  17. I am looking for someone who can actually help me to sell my fine art work. It is tough to decide , until and unless you get a first hand experience form somebody. Does anybody know any consultant like this?


  18. Hello im a bit at a loss here.
    I applied for a job with Carolyn Harper
    Photographer Liaison

    Wonderful Machine

    And she said she really liked my work but said im missing a few things.
    and she sent me the link to this site to find out what im missing lol
    so any help with what she might be talking about would be great :-)
    Thanks for your time
    R Jamason

  19. Hi guys, Can you recommend a consultant in Europe? I know that different pictures are sold in US and different in EU. It is a matter of colour, light, all different things… I am based in EU and would like to work with somebody who knows European editorial market. TIA

  20. bonsoire monsieur ou madame
    on souhaiterai s avoire que veux dire photo consultant s il vous plait mai repondait moi en francais parce que on ne parle pas englais pour l instant mercis beaucous patricia et jacques

  21. Amit Chakravarty


    I am a photographer live and working in India . With my limited knowledge I feel we dont have the concept of Photography Consultants in India yet. But it would be very interested if someone enlighten me on this please and also if possible help me by sending some name of consultants in Southeast Asia with whom I can work.


  22. When starting out in my photography business, There were a lot of questions and very little answers. The guidance and direction I received from Conor Lawrence was unbelievable. Conor is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the photography industry and was the key part in making my business the way it is today. I highly recommend Conor as a resource to any photographers looking to get in the business, and strongly feel that a consultation session with Conor will be something you’ll never regret, but something you will try and pass on to others.

  23. Allegra Wilde strikes me as a- if you cant do it try and teach it- type personality- in the vein of people who take up writing because they have lost their looks to age, or realized they cant REALLY act. I have yet to find a prime mover in the photo word that has been helped by this person.

  24. I’m sure it’s all good to get advice from consultants, but let me through out a word of advice on my own. Know marketing principles before you seek advice. Then follow your own intuition first. Once you hire a consultant take what makes sense to you. If you find personal vision getting clouded, that means you’ve let the consultant get too deeply into your head.

    These things can go either way. 1) Be true to yourself. 2) Know marketing priciples. 3) Do what makes sense for your business and your market 4) Listen to what outside experts have to say.

    My advice: pay attention to relationships. You want ADVOCATES not customers.

    Like my advice? send checks to: Bruce DeBoer

  25. I’ve come relatively recently to consulting. I have thirty years experience in the photographic industry- first as a freelance photographer and, for the last four years, as an educator. My advice is practical, direct, insightful, and unique in the consulting arena. I offer guidance as a professional communicator, not as a life coach.

    I might be able to help. Contact me.

    Forest McMullin

  26. So, can someone tell me what a photography consultant actually is, please? The first link on your list goes to a garage and the second one goes to some sort of alternative therapist.