The CW has a show called In Harms Way where they do episodes on dangerous jobs and one happens to be war photographer. The other jobs are pro bull rider, landmine clearer, coast guard swimmer, live animal capturer, vulcanologist and test pilot. It all looks pretty interesting but of course it will depend on how much hype they mix in to the show.

I was just going to check it out and see if it’s any good. You can watch full episodes (here).

Here’s a trailer for the show:

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  1. if my memory serves me right, that’s the episode that features Zoriah…I’m not much of a TV viewer but I did watch the episode and it was so-so…a bit of typical TV fluff though

    I think I’ll queue up a real good film about what it takes to be a war photographer…

  2. Zoriah has already mentioned the amount of hollywood appeal that was applied to the show over at Lightstalkers

    My worry is that they are trying to appeal to the trust fund kids who are bored shitless and fancy something edgy to do, and what better than a war photographer.

    What they didn’t show, for obvious reasons, is the amount of time we spend doing bugger all, the endless trail of contacting contacts who go missing, and the fact that hardly any buyers out there are actually still paying a good rate.

    Other than that, was good to see Zoriah doing his thing

  3. Too bad, you can only watch the show if you’re located in the US.

    • @Jan,
      It’s on youtube as well. Click on the trailer and you will see it broken up into several parts.

  4. I read, some years back, that a war photographer has the most dangerous career in the world. Then surprisingly comes a cab driver, a police man, and lastly being in the military. Though I suspect the order has changed in the last few years.

    A close family friend died while documenting the war in Ethiopia. It’s no joke and I hope this show doesn’t sensationalize their work. I honor the journalist that risk there lives to bring these stories to the world.

  5. That is pretty intense! Looking forward to seeing the episode…thanks for the heads up!

  6. It’s actually pretty good. And they show the photographers meeting with the newspaper photo eds to sell the images which is kinda cool.

  7. thats the most stupid thing i ever saw and i think most of the photographers who work in west bank and gaza and israel would agree with me!!! i hate those photographers who do this job just because they might look cool infront of i dont know who.. and come here for a week to fill their portfolio or i dont know what, even better make show about themselves..
    like activist who think they will solve the isues in mideast when they come here to teargas themselves.

  8. Uhmmmm I’ll just continue to shoot images of baby ducklings and puppies, thank you very much:

  9. thats totally different than coming to west bank for few weeks and covering demos and being teargased or get rubberbullet..

  10. how to get a job like this? +358465499184 brave man whit no future looking for new job and meaning for life,money money and just for money from finland send me anywhere i dont care i shoot and shoot until puplisher is satisfied teach me and i will do it for you

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