Fantastic Man Magazine



Found it on View it online (here).

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  1. Great. Now I know where to go for all my manly half-shirt and man-skirt fashion needs. Thanks a lot Rob.

    Nice design though.

    • @A-non, But The small, online version makes me want to go out and buy the print version… ya think that’s a strategy, teaser to sell the real deal? I think it’s clever!!!

  2. Read? I just look at the pictures…. errrr on second thought. Oh, which one is Wil Ferrel?.

    Pet peeve side note: With the small text and all they felt it necessary to take over my entire screen.

  3. I can’t stand sites that resize my browser window. I have it at a specific size for a reason, don’t change it!

    I actually did manage to get past that and flipped through some of the pages. Though they have nice photographs I don’t see myself picking up a subscription.

  4. the best about fantastic man is really the feeling of the paper + the overall design.
    Just the way it feels as an object when you hold it in your hand. Its not only about photography. So I would suggest to everyone to check the thing out at the newsstand too – not only on the web