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The Multimedia Muse is still going strong (here) and I’m really enjoying the pithy summary that goes with each highlighted piece.


Hall Of Lame: Politico’s Click
Do you want to know how to make a grown photographer cry? Open his laptop and launch Click, the new gossip/photo/video page from Politico, a publication whose terrific photographic potential (DC politics! Jim Vandehei and John Harris! A budget!) is apparently suffocating beneath an even greater level of creative impotence.

Click’s videos (which include White House Deputy Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealing what’s in her purse) have the too close, too jittery look of amateur porn. And their β€œlatest slideshows” are perhaps the first in news history to include close-ups of carpeting. And crown molding.

I like gossip as much as the next guy. But does it really have to appear so slapdash?

David Maisel’s Library Of Dust on Flyp Media

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There’s a story about David Maisel and his Library of Dust project over on Flyp Media (here). Flyp is a multimedia magazine and really worth checking out to see what you think about a story that combines photographs, text, audio and video. I think it’s pretty cool and liked the video of David talking about his work (here). The Library of Dust project is also very interesting. It’s a collection of photographs of copper canisters, each containing the unclaimed remains of a patient from a psychiatric hospital in Oregon.


Esquire’s Innovate or Die Covers

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Esquire editor David Granger must have an innovate or die policy with his cover creation. Awhile back they started stuffing the coverlines behind the subject to give it a 3-d effect (which I think is brilliant), but now they’ve gone on and done flashing E-Ink, cover flap mini mag advertisement, perforated/tearable and now shot one with the new RedONE high def video camera. The cover of Megan Fox was shot by Greg Williams and you can see on his website he’s the multi-talented photographer/director these cameras exist for (here).

This is what Esquire has to say about the shoot (from their site here):

Greg Williams recorded ten minutes of loosely scripted footage with Fox β€” getting out of bed, rolling around on a pool chair, inexplicably lighting a barbecue.

“It allowed her to act,” Williams says. “She could run scenes without being reminded by the sound of a shutter every four seconds that I was taking a picture. As in still photography, a lot of it is capturing unexpected moments. This takes that one step further.” He then went back and pulled out the best images, which you can see in Esquire’s June issue, on sale May 10. Plus, there’s a fantastic by-product: Even though we made the film to get the stills, we were left with ten bewitching minutes of footage of a beautiful woman. We edited it down to a mini movie, which will be available at on May 4.


I think it’s working. The covers are creating buzz and along the way they will inevitably stumble upon something innovative for magazine covers. The RedONE may be it but not because I think people want to watch a 10 min. video of someone posing for a cover. Something interesting will come out of this, maybe they can create cool animated cover badges from all the frames around the shot to spread around the web or maybe it just changes the way subjects and photographers work together for cover shoots. Regardless, I can’t wait to see what happens next. I’d rather see them try something and fail than endlessly plodding along with “57 fat burning secrets.”

Saw it on Gizmodo, forwarded to me by Peter.