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The Multimedia Muse is still going strong (here) and I’m really enjoying the pithy summary that goes with each highlighted piece.


Hall Of Lame: Politico’s Click
Do you want to know how to make a grown photographer cry? Open his laptop and launch Click, the new gossip/photo/video page from Politico, a publication whose terrific photographic potential (DC politics! Jim Vandehei and John Harris! A budget!) is apparently suffocating beneath an even greater level of creative impotence.

Click’s videos (which include White House Deputy Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealing what’s in her purse) have the too close, too jittery look of amateur porn. And their “latest slideshows” are perhaps the first in news history to include close-ups of carpeting. And crown molding.

I like gossip as much as the next guy. But does it really have to appear so slapdash?

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