Here’s something interesting. Photographer William Hereford thinks that videos presented in magazines are treated as an afterthought (agreed!) and should be integrated into the layout. As a proof of concept he got off his ass and made this video. I think he’s onto something.

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  1. Fantastic. Really enjoyed that.

  2. Very nice. Although now I’m wanting duck breast for breakfast.

  3. Hey Rob,
    Love this. Fills in the blanks for what a magazine could look like. Photographs are to Moving Images as Magazines are to a Video/Type marriage. Gorgeous and such a simple idea. My favorite part is that no crazy technology needed to implement or view it.

  4. Tasty Rob, great find. Beautiful to see someone combine all of these rich elements to effectively create a simple piece.

  5. That was wonderful! Gorgeous shots and smooth editing, plus! educational. You get both. Great video. Thanks for posting it.

  6. William is a smart man methinks..

  7. Wow. That was fantastic. No voice over. A score that complemented the video. Just the right amount of text.

  8. Very entertaining for the eyes and ears. Gorgeous production. One thing though… I hope the magazine still includes the recipe to follow, so I don’t have to keep pausing and rewinding the video. nice job Hereford!

  9. That is a seriously inspiring work. Thank you for pushing the envelope – and making me hungry!

  10. Excellent!

  11. It’s nice to see a simple well done lifestyle multimedia piece. I am seeing a lot of crap these days by photographers who think they have mastered motion, when they have no editing skills. This piece was a nice change.

  12. Ouah… what a wonderful way to create new outlets for our pictures/video

    let’s move forward


  13. This by far the best presentation of food I have seen in the internet.
    And actualy done by someone who can cook.


  14. Trying to read text over moving video gives me vertigo and I’m usually left with strained eyes and a sense of nausea.

  15. Nice, but all that work and no one proof read it, Potato was misspelled!

  16. Wow, Beautiful!
    I may be a vegetarian but damn if I’m not hungry now. All that video was missing was the smell of the kitchen wafting through the house.

  17. Absolutely gorgeous video. The type needs some proofreading though.

  18. the type and video headline reminded me to look up this video again –

    brilliant if you ask me…

  19. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!

  20. Brilliantly done, although I would have to agree with previous comments about rewinding to read the recipe and having a hard time following both the beautiful imagery and the typography. My question is: what is the business model that will allow for photographers to make a living doing this. The magazines in particular and many commercial clients are used to paying little to nothing for web use of still photography. Are they really going to ramp up to paying for productions of this quality that involve a great deal more time and expenses for the image makers and their requisite team?
    At this point it is only “the future” for the trustafarians.

  21. I think it works with a recipe or perhaps some other instructional film, but if the filmmaker is doing his job, he doesn’t need sub-titles. Unless of course said filmmaker is French or Italian.

  22. music, video, and typography combined to make a great video. I’m compelled to make this for dinner.

  23. Reminds me of “Time Code” by Mike Figgis.

    Nicely done, but this is not photography. I suppose those running to motion imaging leave room for those wanting to do stills, though I think they will run into the video guys who were there first.

  24. Very nicely done, but it’s essentially just a video.

    A video is driven by the editing of the maker and simply goes from beginning to end. Yes, a user can hit a pause button or scrub to a certain point, but they can do that on a cooking DVD, on a cooking channel with their Tivo, and while looking at a YouTube cooking channel.

    A magazine is driven by the reader. It’s interruptable, random-accessible, and things (pages) can be extracted.

    We already know that consumers like their content in multiple forms, and they pick the form that fits their needs at the time (like listening to radio in the car, though nowadays some listen to podcasts off their iPod/phone, too). The trick is to get content to the user in the way they want to consume it.

    This is a definitional thing. If magazines think they’re in the video business, then they’ll find themselves competing with video companies. If you’re in the content business you have to think about how you provide content in different consumption forms.

    But in watching the video I had a completely different idea about where a magazine could take things and still incorporate moving images.

  25. Pretty nice… thank you, for this blog post !

  26. Beautiful work will find a home. This, while gorgeous, did not take a large crew to produce. The scale of productions like these allows niche clients to enter the marketplace.

  27. I just love Type & Food :)

    I would love to experiment with something like this on my own blog.

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  29. The visuals are nice, and kept my interest for about 10 seconds as I skipped through it. If that’s one article of an online “magazine”, it would take an entire day to get through it. It’s not something I would pay for, because I don’t want to spend that much time ingesting it.

    Ok, ok, it works better here where a technique is being demonstrated, but I think it would be much less successful for something else, like “Your toddler in the terrible 2s”. This is basically an instructional video, not an “article”.

    As a consumer, I prefer print, or at least words and stills. I want to skip around and random access as I see fit.

    BTW, I hate vimeo. It doesn’t let you skip ahead until it loads.

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