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  1. Brilliant !!! Thanks for sharing

  2. It is such a well told story. Head and shoulders above anything else in the competition.

  3. excellent work, and well deserved win. life goes on for p/journalism.

  4. It’s great, however I feel these multimedia pieces always take away from the photography and that the quality of the photos seems to usually be lacking. It’s as if the audio forgives weaker photography and the photos are not hld to the same high standards as non-multimedia series.

    • @anon, this is a solid MULTIMEDIA piece. In case you didn’t know…


      –noun (used with a singular verb)
      1. the combined use of several media, as sound and full-motion video in computer applications.

  5. NICE! See, We do more than beat everyone at Basketball!

  6. A great distillation from a tough situation. My only (minor) suggestion would be to use less images and let the remaining ones breathe longer. Well done. Good coverage also.


  7. wow. fantastic work.

  8. I agree with anon. I want to add that I dislike the whole story.
    It feels like the general trend we also have on television since long: close, closer, exploit emotions.
    I feel like watching one of these cheap daily life tv soaps. Just much shorter with no commercials in between.

    What is left when you take the pity, emotions and voice away?
    Bad, mediocre photographs shown in 3 minutes.

    What is the message of the whole piece: I dont know, too.

  9. An excellent piece of Journalism.

    Factual, thought provoking and inspirational.

    Mrs Alyatim’s courage deserves wide recognition.

    I am an Amateur Club Photographer in the UK.

    I agree that AV has to move into the Multi Media Era.

    This Multi Media Story proves it.

    Comments about photo perfection miss the point.

    All pictures only tell a visual story.

    In combination with other senses the message is empowered.

    In this case a story of grief, futility,personal bravery and hope.

    My wife and I wish Mrs Alyatim and her family well.

  10. Let a woman grieve in peace.

    • @Harry, the woman was clearly an active participant in this story. It was not some sort of paparazzi, camp-out-on-your-lawn strong-armed project. Perhaps it was important to her healing process, or maybe she has others reasons for wanting to do it.

      I found it to be a very touching story, and it’s good to see more about the humanity of what is usually just a 15-second blip wedged between traffic and weather.

  11. A piece of erudotiin unlike any other!

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