Cool Stop Motion Videos To Check Out

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Mashable has a list of stop motion videos (here). This one is their favorite, made out of 35,000 photographs and live projection mapping techniques.

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  1. Wow. Really want to know how. Do you really need 35,000 images in 180 seconds or were some frames combinations of stills.

  2. More on how:

    Short film 2:52

    “Scintillation” is an extraordinary
    and beautiful example of what can
    happen when an artist stows away
    in his apartment for eight months
    with nothing but his computer, a
    digital video projector, a dSLr and
    his imagination. French director
    Xavier Chassaing mounted his still
    camera on a homemade motion
    control rig capturing images
    as it moved 1mm per second.
    With multiple passes at varying
    exposures, the final piece uses
    35,000 digital images. Chassaing
    then rendered 3d particle systems
    onto 3d models of the real life
    objects that would later act as a
    canvas for the projected visuals.
    Chassaing adds, “the shooting
    is 30 times slower than reality,
    resulting in having to gather as
    much material as for a feature film.”
    Music: Fedaden
    color correction: Mathieu Caulet
    after effects, 3ds Max, Flame