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TimeOut New York

Design Director: Adam Logan Fulrath
Associate Art Director: Kathryn Brazier
Photo Editor: Jolie Ruben
Associate Photo Editor: Alex Strada

Photographer: Russ&Reyn

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Heidi: Did you know TimeOut was going to publish the caption about cover with the guy/girl not using photoshop?
Russ&Reyn: No. But we liked it.

How many takes did you do to get that cover image with the guy/girl?
Only a few. The guy is incredibly strong and was able to do it with both arms.

Was the set hard to build for the inside shot, and how long were they able to hold those poses, looks tough. Is that also one image, no photoshop?
The bars were already in place. It was just a matter of us building the set around them. Each performer was different. Some could hold the pose longer than others. The image was choreographed and then, yes we photoshopped to fit each of the spaces.

Did you know they were going to run a double issue?
All we know is that we shot for one cover but they ran two. We think it was to increase visibility of the magazine.


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  1. Now I’m really intrigued to see the rest of the spread! Those are pretty impressive shots!

  2. I’m with Kate on this one. I hope I can find that magazine in stores!

  3. Check out the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot!

    • awesome. thanks for the link. good job on the video.

    • This is great. Nice job.

  4. Decent layout. As a freelancer in NYC, I’ve always wondered about Time Out New York and these cover shoots. Their photo researchers/editor constantly ask for images for free to use online and in the magazine and they expect the subjects of their reviews/listings to provide images free of cost when they are featured in TONY.

    Most of the product/food shots are taken by TONY staffers except for the cover shoots. I’ve had several jobs with them over the last couple of years and they were one of the worst offenders in paying invoices in a timely manner. It took 3 months and 5 months to get paid a total of $300.

    So what gives? Do they blow their entire budget on the cover and then just throw everything else together from various sources?

    • I doubt they spend much on the cover either.

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