The day’s final presentation was eagerly awaited. David Lachapelle! Everyone was expecting slightly pretentious extravagance. We were going to show him, the King of Photoshop, what a “real” photo was. Every one was nicely surprised. Lachapelle was very much himself. Humble, funny, immensely cultivated, he shocked everyone! At the end of his interview, he showed us the making of his Pieta. When spectators realized there was NO photo manipulation involved, he triumphed!”

Jean-François Leroy via La Lettre de la Photographie.

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  1. That’s what you get when you have a killer crew of assistants, hair & makeup talent, tons of yummy light gear and a budget. Not hating, just saying, lol….

    • If those were the only qualities required, all movies would be amazing too.

      How did Mr Lachapelle find himself in that position you might ask.

      Perhaps years of hard work?

      You don’t start out with a budget or a crew.

  2. I loved his work, still do- since the nineties- definitely pre photoshop madness of today.

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