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  1. I’m there but I’m still not really sure why… Because I caved to peer/career pressure, I guess.

  2. Google+ even in beta, is a much better tool for business users and professional networking users than FB is. The way you define the Circles (by itself) makes the switch worthwhile. Facebook was designed by kids, for kids to do their kind of online networking. It was never designed for business and the whole Page concept was shoe-horned in there to compensate for that. Nothing more than a bandaid because it really doesn’t address the core problem: being able to define different contacts in different ways, and customize the information you give them. To say nothing of privacy concerns.

    Business users need to encourage their fans to switch to Google+ and get that transition going ASAP. Won’t happen overnight but it should happen because it will make the experience better both for the fans and the businesses.

  3. what dan said! i actually searched for a photo editor and rob haggart on g+ a few days ago and was disappointed he’s not there. i’m circling up with some extraordinary international talent on google+ in a way facebook doesn’t support.
    i’m looking forward to reading the brief, thanks for posting.

    • actually rob is there, quiet and unposted for past 3 weeks as I have been too while figuring out google+….

  4. Just got the request from Chase on FB to join everyone’s Circle on Google+, as I’m the only one from my group that has jumped to Google+ so far, I’m resisting the request, I’ve invited a lot of people, so far they’re clinging onto FB because they’ve put so much time into it. I’ve always thought that the business pages on FB were just a quick fix add on. Google+ I’m hoping will be the business to business networking solution that FB has failed to be.

  5. I hope this brief gives some good insight into google +. I am not sure how much I will invest towards the platform, though I have plenty on my hands for at least the next two months or more since I am still rehabbing from my broken leg on 4-15-11.

  6. It doesn’t matter which platform is better or how much time people have invested in one platform or another. The only thing that matters is, where are the people. And not only where the people are, it’s where the people are interacting. Right now, that’s Facebook & Twitter. Everyone I know is joining Google+. Nobody I know is using Google+.

    That being said… join me on Google+:

    And what’s with those URLs by the way? Twitter did that right right off the bat.

  7. I’ve been on g+ for a month or so although I rarely visit nothing is happening. I’ll get a someones been added to your circle email once or twice a day but that’s about all I do. I just have to much going on already FB for friends Twitter, linkedin for biz stuff and I also do a bit on behanced since it let’s me have a portfolio on linkedin. G+ just seems like one more thing and don’t really have the time or energy to post.

  8. I started up withG+ personal page but I am stumped trying to establish a business page. How does one do this?

    • You can’t. Shocking as it sounds google has not allowed business pages yet. They’re still working on it.

  9. I’m kinda curious to see what all the fuss is about… If anyone could give me an invite it would be much appreciated.

  10. So we flock to the latest, because everyone else flocks to the latest. The herd mentality defines our moves. Anyway, I’m on the waiting list.

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