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  1. Damn you APE…where was this when I was bucking the “statement” trend and making my photography prof suffer countless sleepless nights in fits of rage with my reasons to WHY I didn’t want to do an artist’s statement?

  2. “I am currently desperate for paid work and will do pretty much anything for cash” :-)
    and where is Peckham ???

  3. Pekham? London – but not The London rather just London…

  4. Looks like a hostage video. And she’s a hostage of the art education system. I hope she manages to break free (at least they don’t have much student debt there).

  5. Damn I look forward to all your posts! Informative, humorous and ridiculous…love them all! You just keep gettng better.

    • You should have read all the emails between me and my SCAD prof on this very subject. He wanted “War and Peace”…and I just wanted a one-sentence statement.

  6. She is very funny.

  7. Thanks for the good laughs. I can feel her frustration through humor.

  8. So she’ll do anything for money… she should get on very well in Peckham, there are a lot of ‘freelance practitioners’ in the area, or so I’m lead to believe.
    Performance artist, does that include pavement artist (bit like Dick Van Dyke- Mary Poppins). Exploring new territories, hmmm back to ‘freelance practitioners’ again.
    Is the video a cry for help? Have social services just frozen her dole money because she refused to take a job stacking shelves in Asda (Wal-mart), as she believes she has a higher calling.

  9. Absolutely brilliant! And oh so true…

    Would love to see the same sort of video analysis applied to corporate “Mission Statements,” which are basically the suit ‘n’ tie world’s version of an artist’s statement. Same ol’ crap, with just a different wrapping around it.

  10. …and then?

  11. Her wit is adorable.
    For New Yorkers, Peckham is London’s version of Brooklyn’s East Bushwick, a dangerous neighborhood where ambitious young artists without money move to because they were long ago priced out of Williamsburg.

  12. What is that infantile profane and intellectually insufficent pornograffy…D:-The Sorrows of Young Werther…”;-))”?

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