Journalism Will Survive The Death Of Its Institutions

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I got that headline from a MediaShift story written by Lisa Williams (here) and it was mentioned in the This Week in Media podcast I was listening to yesterday. It was a special edition of the show devoted entirely to journalism and some excellent point were made so I thought I’d share it with you.

You can listen here:

Or download (here).

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  1. Yes, I agree ‘journalism’ will survive, but I am not convinced that journalists and photo-journalists will. Certainly, some will adapt and retain contracts with online media outlets, no doubt. But ‘citizen journalists’, ireporters and camera phones don’t cost a thing. Is there enough room online for traditional journalists and bloggers, et al? Does Joe SixPack care if he gets news from a journalist or does he prefer it from someone like himself? Is the photo journalists picture any better than the images all those people standing behind him with camera phones are taking (sure they are, but does Joe know that, or care)?

    Food for thought…

  2. Greeting from the “Bay Area”…

    In response to Bryon Paul McCartney comment above a still-picture is still worth “a thousand words” (right) and if its “brilliant” it might spark an emotional response encouraging people to read the article…but random cell phone pics are sometimes fabulously interesting ;) someday I’m sure they will all be linked “AP/iwasthere-cellphone” ?? Well perhaps, if it could be monetized or make for better coverage, right? hahaha:)

    Listening to the Podcast I just discovered from a recent graduate, a journalism major, who in the mean time drives a taxi and who is trying to get start-up money – right on!
    thanks for covering my nitch geographic!

    I wonder what Erich Salomon would say about the fate of journalism and new ways of doing????


  3. Marvin the Mavin

    Read Stephen Jay Gould’s “Full House: the SPREAD of Excellence”, and you’ll see the graffiti…

    Journalism will survive, Photojournalism will survive, but *institutional* journalism won’t be ’round much longer…

    I pick whom I follow based on *them*, not on their employer.

    Same with authors, musicians, spiritual-guides, anything.

    Do you like & buy “EMI” or “SONY” music?

    Or do you listen to Karunesh, Tafelmusik, and Rosalind Tureck ( think Glenn Gould, but recording *before* him )?

    It’s the same change, in a different field, is all…

    I remember one woman who put up on her web-site “if you like my work, please sponsor my next project & be listed here:”, and it worked ( $10 000++ when I found out about it… )…

    THAT is the way we end-users, we citizens, get what we want: by dealing with INDIVIDUALS, not with committees.

    Your contribution becomes your traction, and increases your contribution-/capability/.

    The committee-minded can die-off, for all I care: give *real* worth, and be valued thereby: stand on your work & may your work stand strong.


  4. Marvin the Mavin

    Of course, it begs the question of Where the journalist/PJ-co-ops are?

    ( like the photographer co-ops, of auld )

    • @Marvin the Mavin, They’re in the works. The problem is bringing in the people capable of selling the business – either to advertisers or donors – after the traditional ‘news’ business alienated them in the small and mid markets.

      Plus, at the moment there seems to be a shortage of seed money…