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  1. So is that you, Rob, with the headlamp around 2:45 in? ;-)

    Steve is also a pretty awesome carpenter. Many years ago at Santa Fe Workshops I thought I had built these great shelves to put all the ‘blads on in the temp studio. So Reid and Doug come in, look at them, look at each other, walk out and go call Steve, who comes in very diplomatically and gets my permission (as if he needed it, ha!) to re-build the shelves, which were about ten thousand times better than mine. In retrospect, mine were downright awful.

    Needless to say, I won’t be doing any cave pictures any time soon.

    Congratz Steve, you continue to rock underground.

    rico in N.O.

    • @Rick Olivier,
      Your shelves weren’t that bad.
      Great to hear from you and that you haven’t given up on NO.

  2. these photos are jaw-droppingly beautiful and evocative. i can’t wait to buy this amazing book. when will it come out?

  3. Insane.
    I wonder what kind of camera gear he and his assistant bring underground on a typical shoot? I’m looking forward to seeing the book.

  4. Wow… cool! Cave pictures.

  5. Great vid! He’s got some amazing shots all throughout his website – thanks for sharing his work with us.
    Not trying to draw attention away from him, but here is another photographer that works “underground” – he has a few ice caves (from glaciers) that just rock! He was just featured in Digital PhotoPro magazine. He’s a great guy to boot.

  6. Rob and fellows

    For an equally outstanding experience, you have to take a look a my colleague, Venezuelan photographer and professional climber Henry Gonzalez, who photographed the Tepuy System, which happens to be located in the Venezuelan Amazonian Jungle, and is the oldest mountain system ever to emerge from the primordial waters, and their shape, vegetation and over look is as eerie as ancient. Quite a visit to the real jurassic park, no dinos though.

    BTW, I also strongly suggest that you embed the portfolio player in your site.



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