The American Photography – American Illustration party was last night (no, reports yet report here). The American Photography book has always been a very prestigious publication to be in. Most Photo Editors and Creative Directors keep a reference copy above the desk. I would always thumb through the last couple copies with my other photo editors or the CD every once and awhile looking for ideas or inspiration. You can see the winners on the website (here). Chosen means they were picked but didn’t make the cut for the book and Selected means they made it into the book.

I know American Photography is all about the book, but they’ve got this website which is an amazing collection of all the past winners and it’s absolute shit to navigate. It could be such a useful tool for finding talent if only it were organized better, because the real gems are the photographers who made the cut but not into the book. Maybe someday they will fix that.

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  1. Thanks for the info,
    Initially I thought it was just another boring source book, but some of the photographs are very interesting and intriguing, of course other I have seen to death. I wish there would a resource or site where work from all over the world would be displayed in a similar way. It’s always refreshing to see work that has different influences and cultural backgrounds.

    Too bad the website is so embarrassingly bad. What’s up with the minuscule images?

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