Here’s how photographers recommend dealing with stolen images.

Always register your images with the Copyright Office which will then allow you to collect a maximum of $150,000 for each infringement if it was willful.

Several software companies are recommended for tracking stolen images and getting settlements.

Ultimately a lawyer will get you the best settlement and take less for their fee.

Ideally you register your images within 3 months of publication. You can still register after the infringement which allows you to sue in federal court. Registration also gives you the ability to collect attorney fees which raises the stakes considerably when you consider the infringer paying for both attorneys and damages.
I use Visual Rights Group to track-down image theft and they have been very successful for me.

ImageRights for me since 2015.

There’s ImageRights, Visual Rights Group, and Copycat Legal to name a few

I’d recommend checking into Copyright Agency

and Pixsy:

Pixsy has been ok, for me. Most settlements have been for a few grand, and a few have been between 10k and 20k. I register all my work, which helps get higher settlements

Pixsy has worked for me over the years though the process is definitely very slow.

Others report that pixsy drops cases regularly, settles for less, and if they use an outside attorney you get 25%.

Many recommend using pixsy to track infringement then engage a lawyer to settle:

There’s been many of these companies over the years. You’re getting peanuts to what a real lawyer would get you. The max my lawyer takes is 40%. Usually about 30%

Here are recommendations for IP lawyers:

Look up attorney David Deal and tell him I sent ya! Thank me later!

Higbee & Associates is reputable

@meredith_bruner @bmadanat as an intellectual property law recommendation.

@robertfreundlaw I believe handles this.

@mpkelley_ Mike Kelley has a website called @apalmanac .
They are a treasure chest of information. If you reach out to AP Almanac they can refer you to the right attorneys. Super legit.
Attorney Rachel Brenke (@thelawtog) handles this type of work

Imagerights has a great IP lawyer in Australia

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