I commission photographers for 1-2 shoots a month in addition to performing daily photography research.

This is my first photo editing role.

For retirement I have an 8% contribution to a 401k. Condé has a decent match policy but I’m unsure of the specifics off the top of my head.

Standard full time job. 260-ish days a year.

My income has increases recently from $55k to $60k due to a raise fought for by my union.

Email with a portfolio is the best way to reach me! I also don’t mind instagram DMs.

I use Instagram, stock agencies, Google, Tumblr (still), and word of mouth recommendations to find photographers.

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  1. Regarding “A 29 year old male Assistant Photo Editor at a Condè Nast” it’s not hard to discern what publication you work for. I wanted to note I held this position about 11 years ago and my salary and experience were roughly equivalent at the time.

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