“It’s always been true, I guess, that the uniqueness of a photogra- pher and the photographer’s voice … is what got people hired, it’s just more true now,” he explains. Davis finds the old idea that a photographer should be an impartial observer of events no longer applies. Instead, he believes the photographers whose work is sought after today “are powerful in what they say [and] in how they take a photograph.

via Picture Editor Mike Davis On Clarity of Voice in Today's Media Landscape.

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  1. I don’t think any of the great photographers were ever impartial observers of events and their photographs always reflected their strong point of view towards situations. In fact in today’s clutter of social media that clarity of voice is somewhat difficult to find but; images created with utmost sensitivity and which are true to context will always tell strong stories and appeal to the senses.

  2. I absolutely agree with the quote. I have just realized same for myself. It happened when I got tired of practicing trendy photography techniques and started asking myself who am I as photographer and what I want my work to express, rather then what others expect from me.
    I am very glad to find this quote, as a confirmation of my conclusion.

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