Friday: 4.5.13

Creative Director: Stephen Gan
Design Director: Elizabeth Hummer
Photography + Bookings Editor: Stephanie Hughes
Associate Art Director: Gary Ponzo
Senior Photo + Bookings Editor: Ashley Curry

Photographer: Laurie Bartley

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  1. I wanted to do this near JFK but couldn’t get near the runway post 9/11! These are really well done, and well edited.

    • Probably shot on St. Martin / St. Maarten. Google airplane beach.

      • Maho Beach is the actual name

  2. That location is a pretty good idea for an editorial. For next time though, I expect hair flowing in the jet wash–if tourists can do it, surely a professional model can.

  3. I guess the budget for the hair stylist is pretty small?

    • it’s not a ‘rip-off’ at all they just used the same location and shot a fashion story. end result is totally different

    • Mr. Hoflehner series started in 2009, I have seen fashion shot at this location since the 1970’s. I have a series shot with a Hasselblad, B&W at the end of a runway in a printed promo book from 1997, shot at least a couple of years earlier.

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