Design Director: Arem Duplessis
Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan
Art Director: Gail Bichler
Deputy Art Director: Caleb Bennett
Deputy Photo Editor: Joanna Milter
Photo Editors: Stacey Baker, Clinton Cargill, Amy Kellner
Designers: Sara Cwynar, Raul Aquila, Drea Zlanabitni

Photographer: Alec Soth

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  1. Although I do think mr soth produce some wonderful work. I also believe he is the most over rated photographer in recent memory.

    • All the photos shown here are quite nice. I don’t think anyone could build a case for Alec Soth not having talent. His photos with very few exceptions look real. I don’t know how you’re quantifying over-rated. The guy’s good and I relate to his approach and execution. There’s no doubt Kathy Ryan can pick talent.

  2. THAT GUY … really shouldn’t judge if you’re going to stay anonymous, or at least until you can spell overrated…

  3. I bought one of Alec’s new newspapers, Upstate. It’s brilliant, sardonic and while still all-around Soth, his newspaper series breaks new ground with its black and white medium format single flash digital work. That continues here I see. Many people believe Soth overrated but that’s because they don’t get it, much like people didn’t get Friedlander. The dude is a true artist, one who seems to simultaneously subtly poke fun at himself nearly as much as he does with what he sees in the mysterious pathos of human existence, and all the while with a restraint of respect. That is painting a fine line. If you don’t get Soth, keep looking. And when you think you got it, when you appreciate his work for its undefinable quality, you will still keep looking because you can never be quite sure of what you’re seeing. That’s brilliance.

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