Monday: 2.4.13

Creative Director: Stephen Gan
Design Director: Elizabeth Hummer
Photography + Bookings Director: Stephanie Hughes
Associate Art Director: Gary Ponzo
Senior Photo + Bookings Editor: Ashley Curry 

Photographer: Hiro

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  1. Great to see the old school photographers still making great images.
    Not listed above is the Photo Assistant / Retoucher from the shoot: Cameron Sterling. Former assistant to Avedon.

    • Hiro was, also, a former assistant of Avedon.

      Side note: Hiro was one of the first to use computer technology to create high speed, recycling strobe intervals (pretty much what the ProFoto, Pro- 8 does now), thus creating his signature surreal lighting effect

  2. One of my ALL TIME heroes (no pun). When I first got into photography as a kid (40yrs ago?) I would pore over my mother’s issues of Vogue in amazement at his (and Penn & Avedon’s) work. Truly a GIANT of the medium.

  3. great job hiro……. i like all your photos

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