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  1. Sean Penn has to be on every photographer’s Top 10 List of people they’d like to photograph. I like these photos and layout — especially the cover — there’s something about the dynamic type treatment that reminds me of Charles Demuth’s Figure 5 even though there not at all alike — either way, it looks cool with the deep shadows and lighting from right — great for the newsstand. Why does Penn always look so angry? He was so much happier as Spicoli “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.” Oh yeah, he was married to Madonna. I think Sean Penn needs to be confronted more by the photographer to pull him out of his game face — after doubling up on one’s health coverage of course.

    I confess to grabbing my magnifying glass to read some of the text — Penn: “they’re just doing a bunch of monkey-fuck rat movies.” I’d like to see Penn’s photo while speaking these words. What a panic. Then he quotes Dylan.

  2. Agreed, great cover and killer black & white images inside. Great dynamic shots.

  3. Well done. And it’s also nice to see pictures of Penn without a cigarette in hand and in a haze of smoke. He and his ex-wife used to come to my friend’s cafe for breakfast regularly and he was a genuinely nice guy.

  4. Just read this article today and its an insightful interview into a character I thought was just a talented yet brooding actor with a short temper. Well, he is a bit short tempered yet caring to a point he became a moving force for aid in Haiti inspired by an accident his kid endured. His approach to earthquake victims was all about being responsive and cutting thru the BS red tape to get people what they need.

    Good read and excellent photography. And a good guy in my book.

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