Capture Episode 4 – Bob Gruen and Kevin Bacon with Mark Seliger

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Kevin Bacon and Bob Gruen talk music photography, shoot backs, cameras, John Lennon and more on Episode 4 of Capture.

A fresh and informative look at the art of photography and the stories behind the images. In each episode, renowned celebrity lensman Mark Seliger invites a fellow photographer and celebrity photography-buff into his NYC studio to share the story behind their images and discuss their common passion.

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  1. It is a shame how little attention this show is getting. These are some of the best photographers on the planet yet people seem to be more interested in camera unboxing videos.

    I doubt this show lasts. They definitely put some money into the production, and they’re just not getting much traffic.

    • People must lead an awfully boring life if they have time to watch “unboxing” videos 8-0

      Another catagory of mind bogling video is the amatuer “real world” camera and lighting tests. YouTube is full of them, and they all seem to get good hits.

      I think the problem is that many Photo Enthusiasts know nothing of Mark Seliger and other truley talanted photographers. When someone says “famous photographer,” they think of the self-promoting internet gurus.

  2. Great points that both Kevin and Bob brought out about what makes a good photograph, Bob’s anticipation, thinking ahead of the action and Kevin’s was the image has to say something, has some emotion. I’m with Bob on the editing, I’m old school so I work on the premise that there can only be 1 or 2 great shots in a set. I stop looking at folks images after the 1st five or so…

  3. Diane Sparkles

    Very interesting, thank you! I’ve seen Kevin’s band The Bacon Brothers live a few times and have photographed them. I’m going to use these tips at the next show! I do edit my photos but still probably save/share too many. I’m looking forward to Bob’s book. I’ll be studying it, too. You can check out The Bacon Brothers on Facebook (/thebaconbrothers) and YouTube. They rock!!

  4. Great video. As a music photographer it’s great to hear from some of the legends like Bob Gruen. Bob’s tip on taking many pics, posting few has been my motto since I started but it’s nice to get affirmation!


    Daniel Knighton

  5. I think Capture could go a long way but it needs more exposure through other channels and outlets besides here. I have enjoyed watching each them so far. I have to reiterate two things Bob Gruen said, first when he was shooting portraits of yoko and John. he let them relax and be themselves. I think to do so is a talent of a good portrait photographer. The second, he was talking about shooting bands, he said, “The thing is the you have to be prepared and anticipate something that isn’t there yet.”

  6. Steve Bohnstedt

    Didn’t see one “famously good photograph,” just mediocre photographs of “famous” musicians. Show reminds me of a pretentious get together for some real circle-jerking. Bringing on a “name” like Kevin Bacon to discuss photography? I guess the show will only be as good as the guest celebrities? Why not bring on Kenny Rogers next time. He’s a celeb with a published “photo book.” Good grief!” Get Real!!