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T Magazine

Creative Director: David Sebbah
Photography Director: Andrew Gold
Senior Art Director: Aurelie Pellissier
Art Director: Natalie Do
Photography Editors: Jamie Bradley Sims, Rory Walsh-Miller

Photographer: Peter Lindbergh

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. Oh dear god, we’ve seen this same shoot by Peter for 20 years and it doesn’t get any better. He can be great but way to often he goes to the same 3 canned shoots he’s done his whole career.

  2. He can do the same shoot every day as far as I’m concerned! A master is a master is a master.
    Have you ever seen those sculptures Michelangelo did ? They all look kind of the same too.

  3. Berndt Bechler

    @ Matthew
    I can imagine that all sculptures look the same to you…. Funny thing comparing Peter to Michelangelo…..Obviously you’re not much of an expert….Peter has been doing the same thing for years and like all editorial guys in fashion do at some point, has reached his limits. He’s good at it, but it’a not interesting anymore. Michelangelo on the other hand was an artist evolving all his long life. there is no comparison.

  4. What makes a master a master, often has little to do with his techniques – and more to do with his mastery of his own existence.

    If the strength and beauty of such simple images as these [or Avedon’s for example] eludes you, I invite you to look past the form to the mastered human expression evident in the content, to the obvious meeting between subject and photographer.

  5. They’re cool shots, and they’re definitely the same old Lindbergh phoning it in. But why assume that’s his “fault?” The client probably said give us that old Lindbergh portrait style, and paid him handsomely. I personally think his fashion shoots that look like street candids are his best work, but I’m guessing he doesn’t get as many calls for that.

  6. I’d take PL on a bad day before 90% of the Los Angeles cheese ball, shooters most magazine editors use. I long for the days when photographers had a distinctive style instead of all-in-one vanilla looks we have today. You may not like his look but at least he has one!