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  1. This was a little warning. I predict Emma eating the dive master. Not sure you should be headbutting a shark. Just sayin.

  2. Well ok ok… I didn’t know you meant you wanted to play with the camera right now. You are so testy. :)

  3. Stupid shark. Doesn’t she know that if she wants to make really dynamic photos all she needs in an Android phone and the Instagram app?

  4. What else is a shark supposed to do whose dream is to become a camera man on James Cameron’s next underwater movie?

  5. The sharks are over rated in my opine, however the octopus has possibilities in bringing a new wave of modern impressionistic work. I wonder what would happen if you had ore than one octopus to work with?

  6. I wouldn’t want to be the one righting out the insurance claim on that one.

  7. that should be ‘writing’… I just woke up.

  8. APE jumping the shark?

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