Check out this behind the scenes video where Kid Rock has this to say about Clay Patrick McBride:

I love working with Clay McBride, because it’s fast, he gets it done. If a light needs to be moved he grabs it himself, he’s pleasant to the people he works with hes nice of course he takes great pictures or he wouldn’t be here. Once I find a good thing I kind of stick with it. They’re always trying to get me to work with different people at every level and I’m like if somethings not broke we don’t got to reinvent the wheel here. I love Clays pictures, he’s take a lot of great shots for me throughout the years album covers, magazines and other sorts of stuff, he’s just a pleasant person to be around. I consider him a friend and we work well together.

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  1. Nice video…. EXCEPT for the super-duper-3x shallow depth of field. It’s very distracting and kinda ruins it for me.

  2. It’s so true – our business is about problem solving and relationships. Nice video.

  3. Great video – enjoyed seeing a glimpse of the creative process :)

  4. Is it odd that i have a new found respect for Kid Rock?

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  6. Why does everyone insist on doing the shallow DOF, in and out of focus thing these days? It’s incredibly annoying and to me shows the mark of an amateur who can’t actually keep his subject in focus. It’s not “artsy”. Please stop doing it. Other than that, nice video.

  7. i don’t know, but there’s just something that drives me crazy with photographers that shoots on the continuous setting. how hard is it to get one good shot firing off 500 frames (exaggeration) per sec?

      • I agree. Everyone does shoot differently. But, like a lot of your work, Ioos is actually shooting action shots where the subject is constantly moving so shooting in continuous is essential. McBride is shooting a subject that’s basically just standing there with little or no motion at all.

        Plus it’s Ioos man! Nothing he does is, or will ever be, wrong! Hahah.

        Btw…I do love the video. I love watching behind the scene stuff so thanks Rob for posting.

  8. I had the pleasure of assisting Clay in my first year in the industry. That dude is super professional, personable, and knows EXACTLY what he’s going for before he shows up. Thanks for giving props to one of the guys we should all aspire to be.

  9. As cool, modern and trendy as that is, I found it extremely hard to watch and turned off after a few minutes. Sorry, just not my cup of tea, I prefer to see what I’m watching.

  10. Could be a great 3-minute video. The focus shifting was painful and distracting. Glad he caught the plane’s banner at the end.

  11. The focus thing didn’t bother me. Added to the vibe of the whole deal.

    Key label here, as mentioned by Keith; Professional!

  12. The focus thing aside this was an interesting insight to building a relationship with a client. A few more stills would have been nice and props to the Adidas sweat suit – I actually had one of those a long time ago.

  13. …just thought I’d jump in. Personally, I loved the narrow depth of field and tilt shift. As a visual person, I love negative space… it lets the mind fill in the gaps- like the silence between notes of music. I thought this was a beautiful behind the scenes video. So many BTS videos are about technical stuff, but are visually flat. I think this one was rich and captivated my interest to the very end. It makes Clay personalble and likeable. Well done Stephen McGee.

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