How do you get somewhere in photography ?

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Making money at photography is a difficult thing to do. I don’t want to discourage you from your dreams, you should always pursue whatever it is that you love doing. The fact is that in the last three years the business has changed considerably. It has gone from being hard, to being very very hard. Success requires considerable luck, a vision that is relevant to the market, business sense and most of all perseverance. There is a certain Darwinian element to it, those who try the longest and the hardest survive.

via Blog: David Harry Stewart.

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  1. c.d.embrey

    “The hard thing is learning to see, the easy part is learning to work a camera.”

    Got that right!

      • c.d.embrey

        @Bruce DeBoer, Why do you think I need to learn to see under pressure of commerce? I’ve been doing it since the 1970s.

        Too many people think being a Camera Technician is more important than Artistic Vision. Which is the exact opposite of the quote. Sorry you didn’t get the intended message.

        c.d. says: “There is a difference between lighting and illumination!”

  2. It is quite true. It has become harder.

    However, not only photography.

    This past weekend I was driving in the Sierra foothills east of Sacramento. Stopped at a little diner in a tiny town. Struck up a conversation with one of the guys in there for lunch. He digs wells and works on fencing in the area.

    He said that things were really tough this last couple of years. I believe he said it went from hard to really really hard.

    The coincidence floored me when I saw this post today.

    Yes, photography has become harder. So has well digging and fence mending.

    And I would think there are myriad other careers who find it more difficult.

    But… he plans on sticking with it. He loves doing what he does.

    That sounds somewhat familiar too… ya know.

  3. Hi, we (at Picdesk) have watched this business change over the recent years too. Although I am not a photographer, my job is to market and sell photography. Something you either forgot to mention or don’t believe is necessary for success is TALENT. Talent will play a big part in success. There is a new opportunity for photographers that puts them in the direct line of their target market though called It’s just started but is a marketplace different to anything else in terms of getting photographer’s work out there and published. This will make pricing fair and take the politics and ‘who you know’ out of the photographic game. It will purely be about the image meeting the requirements.

    • @Meg Moss,

      “This will make pricing fair and take the politics and ‘who you know’ out of the photographic game.”

      Hah !!

      Very little info on that site and it smells a whole lot like “shoot something on spec and if we like it we’ll buy it” nonsense.

      If you want actual talent to respond to this, you’re going to have to do better than that.

      • @craig, It doesn’t need to be shot on spec. Photographers (great photographers) have archives of amazing photogs sitting dormant that other buyers would love to use. It’s just an opportunity to capitalise on existing images without sticking them on a stock site and hoping for the best and having to take whatever money the stock site determines is fair. I think it’s a great idea.

        • @Meg Moss,

          That’s not at all how it sounds on the video.

          There was a company that crashed and burned a few years ago doing this, OnRequest. Clients would post a brief and photographers would compete with “their best images” to win the money. This is imagebrief’s sell. No decent photographer was interested. OnRequest has since moved on to making corporate stock libraries.

          If a photographer wants to go out of business fast, doing time consuming spec shoots for cheapo clients is a good way to go about it.

          There is also no contact info at all on that site. Hmm.

          • @craig, Sure. It may sound like photographers are being asked to shoot on spec – that’s more a problem with the messaging than the concept. I see it more as on opportunity to submit existing images, which are often highly under-utilised. The site is also in ‘Beta’ so expect more info, contact details etc to come. I have seen great feedback from photographers who have registered via twitter and facebook. I think the chance to resell great images without being subject to stock prices and sitting on a generic shelf is really exciting for both buyers and photographers. What do you think?

          • @craig, the goal of ImageBrief is not a ‘race to the bottom’ – commoditized images at bargain basement prices. Its about rights managed image requirements by real buyers with an immediate need and budget.

            Most importantly its about quality photographers. Not a cast of thousands of poor quality – this is where I feel others have failed. I do believe customers will pay for quality, ease of use, speed and convenience.

            The site is in private BETA at the moment – not open for public consumption. Full contact details and terms/conditions will be uploaded shortly – before anyone actually transacts on the site they will need to agree to these conditions. As you will soon see the t/cs will be there to protect both parties. It’s a very well thought through workflow.

            To re-confirm – its not about spec work!! Its about connecting two parties where an immediate need and budget is available, and a high quality image is buried on a site or hard drive somewhere.

            Somewhere in the world, right now there are image buyers searching for images, and photographers with the perfect shot for that buyer.

            Sadly, both rely on somebodies keywording to help make a match. Using the cognitive power and a photographers intimate knowledge of their portfolio of work – we believe, is a smarter option that will result in benefits and value on both sides of the transaction.

            Please give us as much feedback as possible! Its invaluable to help us fine tune the messaging so that this is a success for everyone.


            • @Simon,

              I think if you want to avoid the internet haterade douse, you’ll want to post terms clearly, be upfront about how much your company will take, and separate yourself as far as possible from the realm of spec.

              • @craig, thank you. When we open up the platform and provide activation for members all will be clear. Knowing what I do about the workflow and mechanics of the site, I just can’t see anyone losing from this platform. I hope you will come back and let us know what you think when we click the button and officially go-live.

  4. I have been in business for over 20 years and noticed a dramatic downturn in business over the last three years. This is because of the economy and the fact that there are a lot more photographers all going after the same jobs. My fees have been reduced by 50% and I am having to offer more and more to secure commissions. What is really interesting is that when I speak to clients now they mostly ask wether I will be bringing proper lights as ‘the last photographer turned up without lighting’ Grant

  5. I’ve been on editorial shoots that have nothing in the budget for an assistant, yet they expect incredible lighting. So then of course you drag a box of strobes and set them up yourself while concentrating on making wonderful exposures for roughly half the money you made fifteen years ago.

  6. The new marketplace is a huge drag. I have been photographer f0r 50 years and have watched the medium change for the following reasons:

    1. The establishment of photographic education in colleges and universities where good photographers who needed to earn a living began teaching others photography, lots of others. When I started teaching photography in 1968 there were a handful of places one could study photography and less than a handful where one could study fine art photography. Now there are thousands of institutions teaching photography.

    2. The internet further changed the marketplace big time. You don’t ever have to see or meet your buyer. Many thousands of amateurs whose family and friends love their pictures came into focus and into this marketplace.

    3. Digital photography itself. Photographers don’t have to work in a darkroom or understand what F stops are. Everyone is a photographer now, and the marketplace does not care about one’s career or commitment or qualifications for that matter. Because commercial and even commercial galleries want good pictures that they can find and get at low prices, the arena is full of amateurs who want to make money, enjoy the lifestyle and perhaps become famous.

    4. Those of us who are ‘real photographers’ who know about light, seeing and chemistry are a thing of the past. It is sad, but we are not considered important any more. Our world of commerce likes money more than quality, commitment and vision.

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