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From Creative Review (here):

Fred & Farid ad agency in Paris has created a striking series of images featuring stunt men and women in its latest campaign for Wrangler.

The ads feature Hollywood stunt people performing daredevil acts including jumping from windows, being set on fire, and falling through panes of glass. The performances were all captured by photographer Cass Bird, and together form a striking set of advertising images.

Cass has a great sense of humor and you can see in that video why everyone loves working with her. That along with a great body of work is solid gold.



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  1. Looks like a fun campaign.
    Would have loved to see more but those sites are PAINFUL to navigate through.

  2. whoever designed those sites should be fired…talk about making it really REALLY hard to see the work…I gave up after 30 seconds…

  3. yeah the project and photos are great. but that navigation is really bad. and super slow. they should change it and just show the work.

  4. Notice at about 1 minute into the video, someone is fiddling with the settings on a modified Super8 cine camera (modified to Max8 wide format).

    Not sure why that’s in there, but I suppose Wrangler is wanting to score some Indie “cred” points for low budget cine filmers out there…as though anyone could actually afford to hire several professional stuntmen, crews, locations, etc. for a few hundred feet of indie film. C’mon Wrangler, stop pandering.

    • Donnor Party

      @DC-Photographer, you do understand its advertising, right? Its a lifestyle they are selling, not reality! [insert smiley face here]