Bring Polaroid Back, Some Said It Was Impossible

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Did you know that The Impossible Project was successful in bringing Polaroid film back? Here’s a commercial to get you fired up:

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  1. The only bulk emails I look forward to are the Impossible updates! I’m going to buy some of their new color emulsion, and I hope others do as well – at least to help fund the project and get the prices down eventually.

  2. Yeah, wish the prices were more reasonable or a big discount was given for large orders. I do miss my SX-70 and am constantly kicking myself for not stocking up on film before the demise.

    • @anthony,
      I still have my SX-70 somehwere, but I’m really kicking myself for dumping the SLR680. those prices will likely go up.

      I’m hoping there are some new pack film emulsions eventually. The Fujiroid isn’t cutting it for me.

      • @Christopher Bush,

        Yeah, that looks nice – would be great for the autofocus. Never shot one.

        The other thing with the impossible project is their emulsions/films. All of them are sort of off. Nothing like the original SX-70 and they’re all “experimental’ and prone to fading and odd color shifts. It can be fun, but it can be frustrating beyond belief as well.

        Fujiroid, yeah… no.

  3. Dan Welldon

    The guy shooting on the yacht at 3.30 has to be a young Billy Zane… does he have Polaroid to thank for launching his career too??

  4. I tried some PX100 recently from the Impossible Project. While it was tough to use, and a bit unpredictable, I really enjoyed the challenge. I eagerly await what the Impossible Project can come up with next. Despite challenges, I decided to thank them for their efforts, and here was their reply:

    “thank you so much for your kind and supportive words!
    it’s so good to receive positive feedback once in a while!”

    It is all too easy today to criticize that which we do not consider as perfect, so I chose to praise and encourage them. While our world is not like the early days of photography, I am enjoying this adventure in re-creating instant film, and I do feel a bit like a pioneer.

  5. Dan Welldon, I immediately thought Billy Zane when I saw that guy too! I am glad I’m not the only one. The SX-70 is a beautiful piece of engineering. What a great camera.

  6. I definatley enjoy using this film as fun and silly as polaroid is. I guess thats why. I hope they can keep The Impossible Project going.

  7. Thanks Rob. This is a wonderfully crafted little film. It offers a good mix of the technical (without being dry), a bit of history, and composition options, all wrapped within an earthy, low-key promotion. Amazing.

  8. Using poloroids is a art with in itself. Just because you are a artist dosent mean you can knit a quilt.
    For myself the medium itself represents instant gradifaction the unknown, isolated in space, personal
    Iif it’s a craft the unexplainable truth
    I would love to shoot some poloroids of lady gaga
    If that’s who they want
    Poloroids I never used to test that is the product