I like this. From the press release:

Professional photographers are offering a special edition fundraising magazine through the Magcloud print-on-demand service to benefit victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti.

The magazine features work from preeminent photographers and all proceeds will go directly to the International Red Cross to assist the people of Haiti. The issue is titled Onè Respe, after a traditional Haitian greeting meaning honor and respect.

San Francisco photojournalist Lane Hartwell, is spearheading the project.

See the magazine on MagCloud (here).

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  1. I like it too. I eagerly anticipate my copy =) Lane rocks in a lot of ways, I love her work.

  2. I hate it. Its opportunistic garbage. Haiti is a global catastrophe. People dont need to buy a photobook to realise giving money to worthy causes is needed.

    If you have ‘x’ amount of money to give – give it all. F%^k the photobooks.

    • @Dan, maybe people tend to forget they have ‘x’ amount of money and maybe this photobook could be defined as a motivation to surpass this.

      • @Max Gent,

        Yeah nothing makes me ‘forget’ how much i can afford to give to a worthy cause like the smell of 200,000 corpes.

        Give me a break. We all know the score on this event. If you have any money to give donate it straight to the charity dont bloody buy a photobook aka ‘magazine of misery’.

        Now isnt the time for photobooks or magazines or hashed together, ill-conceived photojournalistic bodies of work.

        Photobooks and magazines offer a reduced return for aid recipients and are a poor platform for knee jerk fund raising.

        Where this might work well is in 6 or 12 months time when the mainstream consciousness has moved on and needs reminding that haiti still requires support.

        I am not a fan.

  3. Rob, thanks for blogging about our project.

    We have an update, Magcloud has generously offered to cover the printing costs, which will allow us to drop the price of the magazine and still send 100% of the proceeds to the Red Cross.

    Dan, as for your comments about this being an “ill conceived” “magazine of misery” I think you are wrong. These are images of pre-quake Haiti taken by photojournalists who went there with NGO’s to cover some of the work being done to improve the lives of people there. One of the essays was done as recently as November, and it documents places – schools, churches etc that no longer exist. But mostly I think these are hopeful images of Haiti and the people there, of life there. And with all the really graphic images coming out of that country right now, I think we need hope.

    Buy it or don’t buy it, but at least give something somewhere. But you really should trash other people’s efforts. The people who are involved in this project have worked tirelessly to make it happen and we are very proud of what we produced and feel privileged that we are able to help.

    Lane Hartwell

    • @Lane Hartwell,

      If the printing costs are being covered by Magcloud so that 100% of the purchase price goes to the Red Cross then I am far more agreeable to the concept and wish you well.

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