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I don’t remember seeing this video when the Whitney retrospective was announced so I’m posting it now. Winston Eggleston talks about his father.

“He didn’t mean for any of his pictures to make any kind of statement. They just are what they are and how he’d like them to look I guess.” — Winston Eggleston

via, Thomas Hawk.

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  1. Thanks for this I love Eggleston. Check out this film if you haven’t seen it !

    William Eggleston in the Real World, directed by Michael Almereyda


  2. Bryce Daniels

    His perspective and composition is amazing. The colors in the pictures have are vibrant and beautiful. His son describes the relaxed enviroment his Father created when working. There was a sense of this being calm while viewing his work. When you can get a sense of who the artist is in his artwork, you know that you are looking at a special piece of art.

  3. Thanks for posting that. It’s not often you hear that it’s ok to make pictures for the sake of the composition. There’s always a push to attach a philosophy or a social statement to image making.

  4. A lot of photography is about being relaxed and being able to gain access. More than anything it’s about who you are as a person and how well you are able to relate to the world and your subjects. You need to be able to forget about yourself while taking pictures and be able to make the people you are photographing feel comfortable. It takes confidence to be do this. You must be sure of yourself and know why you are doing what your are doing.

  5. I’ve always been a Klipsch man myself, but if I was still buying these large stereo systems, it just feels right to have purchased a set of these. Would a Robert Johnson record have sounded different, if played through a set of Eggleston speakers? Sounds like a good match to me.

    This family business, from folklore talk, seems to have provided Mr. Eggleston with the means to pursue his personal photography. (So maybe having “a day job” is not so bad after all — to free you up from the constraints of shooting for The Man).

    Like another person said earlier in the Comments, the documentary film on Eggleston is worth watching too. More folklore — he claims never to have shot more than one frame on any of the scenes he encountered. One frame, and then move on down the street.

    He is a fascinating character, for sure. The world needs more like him.

  6. As Megan mentioned, William Eggleston in the Real World is worth a watch. It is available on Netflix in the ‘watch instantly’ streaming view as well as on DVD.