[Mary Ellen] Mark had earned his trust a year before by simply enduring some subtle abuse during the making of The Missouri Breaks, for which Brando’s rule was that set photographers must always ask permission before shooting him. Every time. And the answer was always no.

via Los Angeles Art+Books.

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  1. a nice little article! Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve worked many many times as a gallery photographer on set and, after waiting around for 18 hours at a time for my “opportunity”, can say that I kinda ‘have been there’…..good ole Mary Ellen, however, knows how to take that 18 hours and turn it into a beautiful thing. Me, I’m still trying to get to that point of zen. Thanks again! I will go to my next movie gig with ME’s words in mind -and be better at my job for it!

  2. Sometimes it’s nice to know the legends suffered through these kinds of things as well.

  3. Quote:” Mark shot five frames and was done.

    “She gave me a beautiful moment,” Mark says with a smile. “I’m grateful for the five minutes. I got it. Why do I need more?”

    This is why she is my fucking hero.

  4. Classic Brando… : )

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