Palm Springs Photo Festival has a free photo contest (here). [Your work will be seen by thousands of retirees! Kidding, important people will be in attendance.]

PhotoShelter has an image buyers survey with lots of powerful information (here). [Is it me or do the image buyers–PE’s included–sound like a bunch of whiners… don’t make us do this, don’t make us do that, we’re busy, we have no time… do you want cheese with that?]

Facebook does an about face on their TOS changes (here). [Imagine how long that would have taken if we needed newspapers to react to this shit.]

Photographer Zack Arias spills his guts in this video (here). [Who knew Avedon sucked at one time ; )]

Five Papers named the world’s best designed (here). Money Quote: The rising trend of strong photography in the 1980s and 1990s seems now a distant memory. Often, photo departments and staff shooters are the first to go during management cutbacks. Yet, as the global culture becomes more visual, newspapers must keep pace, even lead. Publishers must recognize that the core value of their product is good journalism — the integration of writing, photography, graphics and design. [So you’re saying publishers should pull their heads out of their asses? At this point they need to just cut a window in their stomach.]- [Whatever you do don’t watch the video they made you’ll want to claw your eyes out part way in… stick to making newspapers people!]

The HCB (Henri Cartier-Bresson) Award is a prize to stimulate a photographer’s creativity by offering the opportunity to carry out a project that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.It is intended for a photographer who have already completed a significant body of work, a talented photographer in the emerging phase of his or her career, with an approach close to that of reportage. The prize is of 30 000 Euros and is awarded every other year (here). [You are sooooo dreaming… but click anyway.]

Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Photoshop via the Adobe blog (here).

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  1. This facebook business scared me half to death. I nearly tore down all my pictures. It probably wouldn’t help anyway, since they have all the data cached somewhere. One has to hope it wouldn’t really stand up in court. But who knows…

  2. Thanks for all the links….I just noticed that one of my old professors from Brooks Institute (Chris Orwig) will be a Seminar Instructor at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. Cool deal he was a great professor…Photoshop genius!!!

  3. Please don’t post Hulu links. The whole world can’t see them.

  4. Yeah, Hulu links don’t work outside the US (what’s with that?).

    As for the Photoshelter research and PE’s wants, I guess it comes down to the fact that function over form should always be a photographer’s number one design goal when it comes to web sites that license photography.

  5. The Photo Shelter survey was so obviously edited to be a sales tool for their website templates it was ridiculous. Page 7, layout preferences, “[Template] D was most hated.” Well guess what D looks like? Livebooks!

    • @Terence Patrick,
      There’s a real science to writing surveys and getting the response you wanted back. Magazines hire people in the circulation department to create demographic data this way.

      The better the photographer the worse their website design is for the user. Doesn’t seem to prevent them for getting jobs.

  6. Regarding the Photoshelter survey, I must agree with APE that the survey does make those photo researchers and art buyers surveyed sound a bit whiny, but I understand that everyone is busy and demands on everyone are much greater now than they probably once were. However, photographers should build good, functional sites that fit the needs or desires of that individual. Regarding stock, I spend much of my day filling image requests that researchers could have found through my Photoshelter account but didn’t bother to even look in the first place. I often point those persons to my stock site, which is directly linked to my portfolio web site. (the stock is now hosted by Photoshelter site, btw, thanks to DRR). Those buyers just didn’t make that one extra click. Often, they see via a search engine that I shot a story about xyz and then didn’t click on the thing that says “to see stock, click here.” And why am I not surprised that Photoshelter just happens to have the perfect integration solution for all of those surveyed art buyers? The work flow they propose is simple, but not for those who shoot large assignments over time which are ultimately stymied by embargo periods. And why is it that portfolio web sites should also always function to serve the needs of people looking for stock? I don’t send my printed book out with a price list.

    The Facebook terms have been draconian from the beginning, but I was glad to see that they were willing to take a step back. That’s encouraging. :-)
    Thanks for the fun Friday links!

  7. Wow. WOW. That video for the five best newspapers was astonishing. I know you said not to look at it…but I had to.

    Miles Davis must be exhausted from turning in his grave.

    All was redeemed with the Sir Mix Alot sketch. Priceless.

  8. I’m really sad that your new feed of video using Hulu are not available outside the US. I’m in Canada, that’s not far, but i’m not able to see your feed.

    I’ll find a way to see it anyways, but for the peoples that are not Computer-Savvy that will be a pain!

    Great Blog by the way, very usefull.

  9. LAME!

    Would have been funny in 1997

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