With the ease of assembling time lapse stop-motion videos on your computer from the bazillion still photos you can now effortlessly take, I predict we will all be sick of this by the end of the year. I’m still entertained:

Made by Tel Aviv photographer Eyal Landesman.

Found it on Bohemian and he’s got another cool video there too only this time with tilt-shift (here).

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  1. Great find; I’m definitely not going to be bored of this technique anytime soon- especially when it is done this well…

  2. I think this would be more accurately called “stop-motion” photography

  3. i actually watched this video last night before bed…it’s a beauty.

  4. What a great story! I love stop-motion videos, especially when they have a simple & coherent concept. Very lovely to watch :)

    Do you happen to know what artist this is? (The music)

  5. I made a lot of those for living. I did it for ad agencies like Sid Lee, organisms like Tourism Montreal and tv channel.

    I think we will see more and more of these in the future as advertising is merging with web. And we all like videos on the web, so…

    With two Toronto freelance producers, we’re currently working on a promo piece who’ll be both printed and stop motion video. We’re thinking that since everything is going on the web, this promo piece will keep us all really busy in the next year, proving that we can do both still and moving pictures.

    I used to make my living as an editorial photographer but last year, stop motion video was a big part of my income and I’m having a blast doing it. So, as long as people will be creative, I don’t see it as a trend who’ll be disappearing anytime soon.


  6. Wow, that is so cool. I’ve never tried it myself, but I will definitely give it a go….

  7. That’s very well done/enjoyable, and it definitely would serve a commercial purpose, if it hasn’t already.

    One of our new photographers, Noah Kalina, was made famous on YouTube becasue he took a self portrait every day for 6 years straight, and had 3 million views within a few weeks. He even got a high profile VH1 celebrity shoot from it.

    We actually just blogged about it, earlier this week, if you’re curious:


  8. It is a commercial work, and a very good one I ‘d say. Very nice.

    Oren Lavie is the singer. His website is pretty cool too…


  9. “…I predict we will all be sick of this by the end of the year.”

    You do mean by the end of 2008 right? I saw a many of these last year on websites and TV. While this one is very well done, the fad has reached its zenith for me… next.

  10. Creatività stop motion…

    Questo video è stato realizzato con la tecnica “stop motion”, in italiano “passo uno“, cioè scattando una foto per ogni frame e poi mettendole una dopo l’altra all’interno di un filmato.
    L’opera è stat…

  11. Good animation is a delight to watch and timeless in every sense of the word. Excellent excellent piece.

    Any clues as to how long it took to storyboard and shoot?

  12. Tilt-shift is to photography as the Peter Frampton Talk box is to music…

    Time lapse is to photography as the Drum Solo is to rock music: it’s thrilling in the beginning but halfway through you wish is was over…

    do you feel like i do?:)

  13. won’t be blown out till every advertiser has done it 2x – now mix it w/ tilt/shift and everyone will melt in their boots…

  14. very cute and clever (although i’m still wondering about the baby clothes and socks…).

    but i suspect your prediction is accurate, rob: we’ll see this technique everywhere for a while, and then we’ll all get sick of it and it will, like so many other tricks and trends, start to feel tired, overused and dated…

  15. I think it is pretty sweet. Looks like a lot of work though.

  16. Great … i have tried in the past combining the video-book with the time laps technique. It is a very funny way to show stuff, have a look:


  17. I put together one of these while I was shooting some product for promotion….
    I sent it to the company whose product I used directly and got a rave review and a lot of attention from their agency for it.
    I don’t disagree we’ll grow tired of them…however, I suspect what will happen over time is that the bar will be raised on the ideas and editing which will help keep them entertaining.


  18. Some of the best stuff on youtube is stop motion animation and super slow motion. Especially late at night when your really “tired”.

  19. Looks a lot like Mitchell Rose’s video, I’m unsure who was “inspired” by who, but the similarity is a little too close for comfort…

    Rob Wright: I have to disagree, I love every second of the drum solo…

  20. I hate to burst the bubble and all but didn’t we already go through all of this in the 80’s after Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer? I mean, I’m ready for another round because that video was very beautiful and all, but I’m just sayin its not exactly an original idea…

  21. Wonderful. What a wonderful thing to wake to. Been awhile since I’ve been to your place. Thank you for sharing

  22. Here’s a very nicely done time lapse with original music and narration by Carl Sagan:

  23. the mind is full of great things ,if you can clear all the other stuff.

  24. Fan. Tas. Tic!

  25. It is skillful though, for one the creases in the bed has have been a nightmare.
    I really like it the red scarf is good

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