Looks like Life Magazine will be publishing their collection for consumers to browse (here).
Thanks, Matt Wright-Steel.

Here’s an interesting idea. Someone from within a stock photo agency is anonymously posting gems from the collection as they run across them (here). The splash page at a stock agency website is always incredibly valuable real estate, so maybe there are other ways to get images from the collection in front of potential buyers.
Via, Swiss Miss.

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  1. How many photo editors can guess from the site which agency it is from… took me 6 pictures…

  2. Ok – it’s interesting but what about this statement on the blog:

    “For legal reasons (using the images is already illegal, but I don’t want to really screw myself by using hi-res images from the database), all the images you see on the site were created with the preview thumbnails that anyone can access. I’m also refraining from stating specifically what stock company I work for for the simple reason that I don’t want to potentially lose my job over this.”

  3. If he doesn’t want to lose his job then why does he have his email address and telephone number listed?

  4. Yep… Seems a little transparent to me too. How will this work best for the stock agency in question?

  5. PDN has named the agency… and there is some indication that it is actually a pretty good viral marketing campaign…

  6. Regarding Schtock: I am so sick of “viral marketing” campaigns, but doubly so of duplicitous marketing tricks. I followed the site for a few days and thought the material was great, but now that I know that it was a lie, not only have I unsubscribed, but the parent agency has lost credibility in my eyes.

    I don’t see why they couldn’t have just been honest and up front all along?Why not hire this blogger and start their own blog? Photosheter did a great job of this with Shoot The Blog; they would have generated plenty of attention and people would have followed it. Instead thesy employ dirty marketing tricks and leave me feeling like a used rag.

  7. Just got a press release from the guy who created it. He doesn’t even work at Corbis just wants their business. Lying about who you are and what you do is a pretty slimy marketing trick.

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