The world’s first entirely electronic newspapers will go on trial in France next week, offering not only morning headlines but automatic updates every hour throughout the day.

Orange\'s Read and Go

Read more (here), via Bosacks.

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  1. isn’t this just like… the internet?

  2. @Scott

    …someone didn’t read the article…

    The electronic paper is tied to a hardware reader.

  3. Oh I did – I just don’t really see the purpose – we’ve got the internet, and we’ve got physical paper – I don’t see what market this will ever serve. Seeing the paper in the sunlight seems like a really small hurdle for laptop screens to cross, so… who’s lining up to get one? All I’m saying

  4. @ Scott

    “Oh I did – ”

    Oh no you didn’t! :-)

  5. Why are these the first? I know there has been a trial in Belgium, and there’s one running in the Netherlands right now (

    This part of the article was dubious as well:
    “But Orange’s Read&Go is specifically designed to give the same impression as reading a traditional newspaper, including using display technology that paralyses bubbles of ink and is not, like a laptop screen, unreadable in bright sunlight.”

    Which is exactly like the display of a Kindle, or an iLiad (by iRex), which is the device shown in the post.

  6. Yes, you have internet and you have the paper newspapers. BUT, you may not want to read news from the internet because of the light from the screen. It’s just not comfortable. Your normal newspaper will not update it every hour and It is waste of paper and trees. With E ink technology, there is no light. It is as same as looking at the newspaper. Even under sunlight. You can take it anywhere you want. It will automatically update.

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