Hey, it Looks like Sheila Metzner’s got a new website (here) as well, complete with music and slideshows (Caution: If you’re at work make sure the volume is down) so I think it’s safe to say we have a genuine trend here (ok, maybe it started a year ago, I haven’t been keeping up with Sheila and Albert).

It think this is partially about building a fan base and mostly about taking control of your content. All the legendary photographers have content floating around the internet and there needs to be a place to link everything back. Also, when consumers run into your work somewhere and google you to find out more, there should be a place they can go to see more work and other stuff like buying books or getting a lecture schedule or watching a video interview (you can do whatever, once you’ve got the google juice). Let’s hope the trend continues.

Thanks for the tip Robert Wright.

Sheila Metzner

Sheila Metzner

Sheila Metzner

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  1. I like Albert’s music while looking at Sheila’s images.

  2. Google Juice, brilliant.

  3. I had the priviledge of assisting Sheila in the early 90’s on a spa campaign for a huge resort spa in Hawaii in the early 90’s. She had been commissioned by the resort’s Boston based agency. The local ad reps here in Hawaii hated the results. I actually had a meeting with one of them several months later where they whined profusely about her images being too muted in color, too grainy…. too “Sheila”. Go figure.

    Incredible woman, incredible energy, incredible images. Nice to see the recent focus in the past few days of talent older that the twenty-something crowd. This geezer is most gratefull.

  4. Looks like a nice site. I prefer easy galleries vs the artsy fartsy type, but still good

  5. The “whooshing” sound when you hit a link remains, even with the sound off. That’s unfortunate.

    LOVE these last two mentions of the old guard. Back inthe 80’s I wanted to do my own Autochromes because of Sheila, I never did.

    Now can you find out of Sarah Moon is going to do a site and get someone to fill her in on all the things we DON’T like? :-)

    DO you think that maybe some of these oldies have now figured out that lousy fan based sites of tear sheets is not an effective way to ensure your legacy within photographic history?

  6. Interesting that Hawaii clients didn’t like Sheila’s work, considering the local popularity of Linda Ching’s Hawaii images, which are VERY reminiscent of Sheila’s. Her book, `ANO LANI, is brimming with them. However, all of these beautiful grainy muted color book images are strangely missing from her website portfolio: Have a look at her work at http://www.lindaching.com

    Also, my life-long collection of Hawaii Autocromes dating from 1909-1928 are on my website under the “Stock Photography” link: http://www.discoveringhawaii.com

  7. Very nice site!

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