Click here to see a full screen version: ILikeThesePhotos

UPDATE: Follow this link to see the entire group as medium thumbnails APE Flickr

Click on the photograph to see the name and website of the photographer. Adjust the speed of the slideshow (I like 1.2 seconds) or use the manual controls at the top.

Attention art buyers and photo editors
, this is a free promo that’s meant to supplement all the other ways you find photographers to hire. I created it see if there might be an easier more efficient way to quickly look at 200-300 photographers. Compared to the weekly promo pile this works pretty good. Plus, if you’re like me, you remember a picture and not necessarily who took it so you can come back to this slideshow and find the name and website of the photographer whenever you like. This project only works if you find work you like and hire the photographer. I can create more of these but it’s a complete waste of time if it doesn’t connect buyers with photographers. That’s the only reason I did this. If you have suggestions on how to make the next one more useful for you please let me know.

Photographers, I want to thank everyone who participated, it was a privilege to look at all your work. If you disagree with the selection I’ve made not to worry, we’re going to do this again with different editors in a couple months. The flickr group was such a pain in the ass because it didn’t behave anything like the personal area but now that everything is hosted on my account it seems to work fine. Let me know if you need me to do something with your photo. I ended up editing it down to 1 photo per photographer to make the viewing faster.

Anyone who has a blog and feels like spreading the word you can use this embed code or link to the full page version at You can change the size of the embeded version by changing the width and height (keep it square).

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  1. I’m glad to be included with all the great work… it shows even those with good taste have a brief lack of good judgement.


  2. I didn’t make the cut, but i love what you did here Rob. Kudo’s boss. keep up the love you show us.

  3. All I can see is a “No such photos found!” screen.

  4. Thanks for having me, Rob. It’s funny stumbling across someone I graduated high school with amongst the photos; there’s something in that central Pennsylvania water, and it isn’t just fluoride.

  5. Works great!

    but how does it really work? is it now random? did you order them? etc… just curious how this one is working? oh, and I noticed the photographers 2 photos are not necessarily grouped together anymore? Is that good or bad thing for being able to showcase the picture takers individual style?

  6. It’s really good. I didn’t make the cut, I’ll try again next time. There is so much there that is so good, it makes me want to try haerder. The older I get the more I realize the more I need to learn. Hope it gets work for those involved.

  7. I was very happy to see my work in the finial cut with these wonderful photographers. My image is for a new book I am working on, my editor will be pleased! Thank you very much for including me. Love your blog!

  8. Thanks for including me…and giving snowsports a little love. Keep up the cool work.

  9. Very inspiring! Thank you, Rob. It’s a great gateway into the state of contemporary photography. Nice job everyone.

  10. Very cool set and thanks for sharing.

  11. Rob – Thank you for all your hard work and time. I am honored to have you review my work and even more appreciative to be included in the slide show. Keep on trucking!


  12. Well done PE – it will be interesting to know what the response is.

  13. I thought my stuff would be disregarded since i sent 2 pictures from the same beauty story, but thanks for seeing my potential and including me. I am inspired by the other stuff that’s included as well.

    Thanks so much!

  14. Nice flow Rob. The order gives the single images a lot more power imo, but I guess that is your job. :) The Flickr interface is cool when it works too. Great motivator/inspirator.

  15. Thanks for doing this. Is there a way I can link to my photo in the slideshow, or do I have to tell people to watch and wait for mine to come up?

  16. hmm i thought i made the cut for that first slideshow and nothing on the new one. oh well, next one i suppose….

  17. Looks great!!! Nice work everyone. I hope it is a success so there are more of these to come!!!

  18. Hey Rob,

    Hope i’m not missing something here but I find the site really irritating. Clicking through 300 images isn’t as easy as looking at thumbnails and choosing the ones you’d like to look at more closely. And if there’s an image I like but is back 20 or so images I have to click back to see it again? As a photo editor, I just don’t have the patience. So, I hope I’m just missing an easier way to navigate through your selects.

  19. this is awesome! i’m a photo editor too and i really love this idea. i would just make it less overwhelming next time by maybe doing 100 photographers/photogs up, and i’d also include their locations underneath their website when you click on a picture. thank you rob!

  20. @ Liz: Don’t know what to tell you except I don’t really think it’s that irritating… not perfect but still useful and a hell of a lot easier to use than those sourcebook websites. This is the way it works. You see something you like and click on it to get the website. Use the arrows on top to navigate (roll over to see them) Maybe you just come back to it when you’re looking for inspiration. Dunno.

  21. […] work Tags: aphotoeditor, photo Seeing my own image in the final edit of Rob Haggart’s slideshow of images from the free promo he started was great. There are a lot of cool pictures in the group. […]

  22. Thanks, Rob. This has been a cool experience.

  23. I have to admit – I was a little worried after the first ten or so images. I was wondering where photography was heading. It truely looked as if the same photographer had taken all the images- simple, lack of imagination, just point-and-shoot work.
    But I kept looking. What a range of talent. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Very inspirational!


  24. Ahh, the junkie got his fix. Free delivered image crack. Brilliant concept and plenty of great work, what an industry.

  25. @Liz: Thumbnails pop up when you bring your mouse to the bottom of the screen. So after you watch the slideshow, you can use those thumbnails to find the photos you like without having to go through the whole thing again. Seemed to work pretty well for me.

  26. I’m emailing this out to art buyers and photo editors tomorrow. My list is not nearly complete so send me your’s. Thanks.

  27. Some really wonderful images here. I didn’t realize this was going to be a portraits only group… maybe next round will feature some great work from other genres.


  28. am i the only one who the slideshow doesn’t work for? i just get a message ‘no such photos found’….

    any advice? :-/

  29. Great idea, great artists, great photographs. Hope it’ll work and see more slideshows like this.

  30. If the slideshow doesn’t work for you, you can see the (cropped) thumbnails in the APE Final set on Rob’s flickr account. Thanks for the effort, Rob.

  31. What happened to the cross walk kid? Did I miss it? That was one of my favorites. The polka dot ass and the pelican & surfer with the power plant in the background are my 2 favs.

  32. I love this set, I’ve only made it half-way through but there are just so many ideas and great things going on. I’m not an editor or buyer, just a fan, but it’s a great way to be exposed to a lot of new photography very quickly.

    The Flickr slideshow is OK but not great, though. The thumbnails are so tiny on my screen that they are useless. Have you considered another kind of viewer? PictoBrowser seems like a possibility: it connects directly to your Flickr sets and can display larger thumbnails, titles, notes, links, etc.

    Just a small bit of feedback. Overall, the series is excellent.

  33. Dear Rob,
    it’s an awesome tool, a real treat!!
    I am beginning to understand the style you like and it’s funny it seems quite different for the other blogs I usually read.
    Thanxthanxthanx thanxthanxthanxthanxthanx thanxthanxthanxthanxthanxthanxthanxthanx
    (297 times!).
    Best always.

  34. Dear Rob,
    you are great!
    Your photos are alive, amusing, the choice is personal that it is as if we could get to know your way of looking. And it is a positive and special way.
    Paola B.

  35. Thanks so much Rob.

    There is a lot of great talent here. I feel so very lucky to have made the cut.


  36. @28: The front half of the images seem to be more portrait-heavy, but as you get to the back, there are some really nice landscapes/etc. One of my favorites is Skip Jone’s b/w sea landscape, it’s buried in there somewhere.

    Thanks for this great project, Rob. It’s been a great way to see what type of work is out there and to discover new photographers.

  37. I’m privileged (and surprised) to be included with such talented photographers. Thank you Rob for your continued dedication to photographers!

  38. @ 34. Dalton: Pictobrowser uses Flash 9 which is a problem for people using older browsers. Last time I tried it I got a ton of complaints and had to switch to the flickr one.

    I’m talking to someone now about building custom software for this project.

  39. Excellent work. But how do I get to embed this into a WordPress blog? Thanks and keep it up!

  40. I’m another reader who only got a black screen with “No such photos found!” in a text box. Full screen mode gives the same. Using Firefox under Win XP.

  41. Thanks again Rob. It’s really refreshing to see just how much amazing work there was to choose from.

  42. Outstanding line up you have here, Rob. Going to pass this round to the other PE’s on the desk.

  43. @28, like Jake said, similar work is grouped together. There is a page 2 which is tricky to get to with some Still life and landscapes.

  44. I would be really really interesting to see a slideshow of one image by each photographer who did NOT make the cut !!! (not only because I am one of them…) maybe there are some great ‘lemons’ to see

  45. @40: Rob, I think that’s a great idea. A project and talent like this deserves a really great presentation too. I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  46. To Embed in wordpress switch go to Users –> Your Profile and uncheck the box “Use the visual editor when writing.” Then paste the embed code in a new post.

    I’m not sure why some people still can’t see it. Try this link:

    Email me so I can figure it out. Need to solve this before sending out to thousands of photo editors and art buyers.

  47. Thank you for the slide show. I was sent here trough the link, and I can say, I’m not sorry for that.
    all photos are nicely chosen, except that I like the first page better. I’m really not into poetic studio shots these days.
    the photos that got me on the first are:
    naked girl with a camera
    little window washer
    footless star wars

    (these are the times when not everyone has time to watch the show entirely so I just adjusted time to 1 second :D great option by the way)

  48. Hey Rob, thanks for the inclusion in the slideshow. I feel honored to be among such great work.

    My only feedback on the slideshow is as follows:

    1.) Singles vs. set
    I would have probably chosen my images slightly differently if I had known that only one would be chosen and displayed from the set submitted. I totally understand your reasoning (pace), but would loved to have known earlier.

    2.) Slideshow thumbnails
    They are so small they’re virtually useless on a screen resolutions likely used by the target audience. (>1280×800 pxls.) And for some reason, they’re all jammed to the left and only using half the available space for thumbnails. (Is this just my browser?)

    3.) Image quality on full-screen version
    It looks like Flickr’s engine downsampled the imagery for the regular, embedded slideshow, then upsampled them (poorly) for the full-screen version. We submitted the images at a full 1024 x 768, but the full screen images look like they were scaled up from something much, much smaller.

    Again, thrilled to be a participant. So thanks again.

  49. One of the upsides of the flickr is that I can favorite the ones I really love. I’m going to do that later today, because there are some website in there that I know I’ll be going back to

  50. Thanks Rob, for spending the time to do this. I didn’t make the cut but I will try again next time.

    It’s interesting there are so many images here that I never saw a week ago. Did you add some?

    I also wanted to ask why someone like Sam Jones would be in this. Perhaps I am confused about the criteria for submitting, but I thought it was for discovering new talent and putting that work in front of editors and buyers. When I see Sam’s beautiful work, and know that he’s shooting A list celebrities for all the top magazines, and know that he’s directed films, I would imagine he’s already got loads of connections.

    for those who haven’t seen his stuff, sam jones is here:

  51. I second the idea of releasing a set of images from all the shooters who did not make the cut, or at least a good chunk of them.

    As you may have guessed, I did not make the cut :)

    Also, as some people have already pointed out, I am a little a confused as to who the slide show was intended to represent. If you have a nice selection of A list stars in the bag already, do you really need to be “discovered”?

    It would be really cool for you to do a B-list, with people who you think either have potential, or are all ready “there”, but have not been offered any work. I’m not saying I would even make the B-list, but it might be nice for us “aspiring” shooters to have a stepping stone to look at, as opposed to being shown a list of people who have all ready crossed the river.

  52. link not working. I get an Internal Server error message coming up. Using Safari and Firefox.

  53. BTW, thanks for including me. Love the work you do on the blog; keep trucking!

  54. This is just a free promo. All photographers were invited to participate including Sam Jones. It benefits everyone to have A-List photographers alongside the up and comers because more buyers will take the time to look and use this as a resource if they know the quality of work is high.

    I can’t release the B-List because all the images I rejected disappeared plus I deleted the group. You’re correct in assuming I probably missed a few gems. Maybe I’ll use photo rank’s digg feature to let everyone vote on one down the road.

    Please understand this group represents photographers I’m interested in and willing to endorse to a group of art buyers and photo editors. There will be other opportunities with different judges not far down the road but it’s important this first time that people will trust when I send them a link it has value to them.

  55. @ 50. William: Thanks for the feedback. Got to figure out how to keep flickr from downsizing the images.

  56. 297 photographs and not one still life?

  57. @58, there’s at least 8 still life photographer.
    Just go to the medium thumbs 4th page.

  58. Nice slideshow! Got to admit that I’m gutted about not being included, but maybe next time.

    This is why I rarely enter competitions, haha.

    Thanks Rob.

  59. I was invited to participate on an multi-recipient email from Rob, but was stymied by the warning not to submit images that are on my website or have been widely seen. This was an issue as pictures not on my site have not been published, hence are not okay to submit. Like many others, I have a ton of photos that are in a week long, month long, even year long holding pattern.

    After taking a look through the selections, it appears the other name photographers all submitted photos that have appeared in print and are on their website, as I’m very familiar with them.

    Good to know this for future reference b/c I would have loved to be included in the list.

  60. thanks for including our images. everything looks great.

  61. Anon @61, I think the thing to remember that this is just one adventure and not some Gattica kind of list of the chosen to carry forward the future, and if you didn’t make it somehow your photographic genetics have failed you. Rob is just validating his existence, reinforcing his stature while he’s frictionally unemployed and i don’t know anyone could honestly say they will be guaranteed work because they made this first, of what I believe will be many, list. Rob gets all the credit he deserves for his industry in this endeavor. Hopefully it will, and apparently just by reading some of the comments, already has help bring some directional clarity to the notion of editorial photography at this current time. I’m waiting to see how he turns this into money. It’s unfortunate that people had submitted work that he suggested not to, but the frenzy and the surreal potential surrounding this event may have proven too irresistible to heed his advise. Why he chose them anyway is his decision. Anyway, marvel at the concentration of his power and realize this is a truly Avant- garde individual we are dealing with and like all Avant- garde artists the next step is the exploitation by the masses, or in this case watch the money. I don’t care about wether he likes my pictures or not I’m inspired by all the atmosphere he has generated and the necessary culling he has provided to the galactic level of image proliferation. He’s just one guy and this is just one event. I’m sure they’ll be more.

  62. Anon @61, sorry, I realize you DID make the list. Maybe it was your “good manners” that kept you from submitting images not your photographic genetics as I earlier suggested. Sorry for the assertion.

  63. Just noticed I’m on the list; all of Rob’s sites are blocked in China (who knows why) and the flickr slideshow wouldn’t load through my proxy. Honored to be included among all the great photography.

  64. Although I am not in it, I am showing the slideshow of you lucky ones on my blog (, because I think Rob’s idea -ups and downs included- is pretty groundbreaking and it proves again that the internet can be a great tool for showing our work and getting together to discuss whatever we feel is worth discussing….

  65. This is cool.. I’m stoked!!! And inspired as hell…

    Thanks Rob….

    Bruce Hershey

  66. Rob,
    Muchos apreciados… add my name to the chorus of thanks for doing this…

  67. It’s pretty inspiring to be listed among these folks and quite a pleasant surprise.

    Thank You.

  68. a total honor to be shown among some amazing talent. thanks for the opportunity and for your hard work in getting these pictures out there.

  69. A lot of the URLs from the titles don’t have www. Not a big deal but it means no direct link (and busy photo editors might be too busy to type…).

  70. Hi Rob,
    I wanted to include the slideshow on one of my websites but could not get it to show up using the code you posted.
    Is there a revision to that or a link on the Flickr site that would show the code we can use?

  71. Just as a follow up to my own post it turns out that the blog I use from ‘Ning” does not support the iframe tag, which is necessary in order to embed a Flickr slideshow into Ning social networks.

    I saw others on other services using the code provided & was baffled! So now I know why.

    Neever mind…

  72. Nicely done.



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