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I have a request from a photo editor for a list of wildlife photographers I like. Here’s my list. Contributors feel free to add to it and I’ll update.

UPDATED: September 25, 2009 (got some more names from a nature photo editor)


Joel Sartore
Michael “Nick” Nichols
Jim Brandenburg
Mitsuaki Iwago
Steve Bloom
Norbert Wu
Thomas D. Mangelsen
David Doubilet
James Balog
Tui De Roy
Nick Brandt
Paul Nicklen
Frans Lanting
Araquém Alcântara
Daisy Gilardini
James Balog
Denver Bryan
Art Wolfe
Anup Shah
Kevin Schafer 
Tom & Pat Leeson
Daniel J. Cox
Wendy Shattil/Bob Rozinski
Florian Schulz
Gary Bell (marine)
David Hall (marine)
Brandon Cole (marine)
Cesar Aristeiguieta Photography
Charles Glatzer

Stock Agencies
Peter Arnold
Minden Pictures
Animals Animals
Images of Nature
National Geographic Images
Terra Brasil Imagens
Nature Picture Library
VIREO (birds)
Sea Pics

Also, I like to check out the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award (here) to see emerging photographers. Archive of past winners (here).

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  1. Thanks for sharing. There are some amazing pictures in there.

    Wildlife photography has to be just about the coolest gig. Too bad I don’t have the money to spring for a safari. Let me know if you need any pictures from the wilds of Midwestern U.S. I can take a rockin’ picture of urban deer.

  2. Stock Agencies

    Nature Picture Library (www.naturepl.com).

    Note that many of their photographers are affiliated with the BBC’s Natural History Unit programs and all researchers on staff have biology degrees.

  3. michael mcnamara

    I know he’s tragically no longer with us, but I still love Galen Rowell’s images.

    Also, I couldn’t agree more with Sartore…I literally moved out of Nebraska yesterday, and he is considered a national treasure there.

  4. Michael Brown

    Sorry about that Rob. My goof!
    I was thinking nature photography in general.

    • hi! natasha if you can please guide me i want to be a wildlife photographer . I I am a student just passed out my 12 n doing french, please do reply me!
      I really need to do something. I want to make my passion my profession!

  5. Mark Friedman

    RE: Nature Photographers

    In the somewhat narrow niche of avian nature photography, take a look at Arthur Morris’ work. He is represented by several agencies (I think Corbis is one).

  6. Paola Vozza

    Dear Rob,
    I am glad to see your nice portrait.
    I’d like to thank you for this terrific post, it will be really useful for my work in Geo. Although I know most of the photographer in the list, I will have a lot of them to discover.
    I’d like to add these ones:
    Ingo Arndt http://www.ingoarndt.com/
    Christian Ziegler
    Paul Starosta http://www.paulstarosta.com/
    Stefan Unterthiner http://www.stefanounterthiner.com/, he shot a great story on the wandering albatross
    and Fabio Liverani http://www.fabioliverani.com/
    Best wildlife wishes.

  7. Maria Dentinho

    Nuno Sá is a young photographer from the Azores (Portugal), with a few published books (mainly about whales and dolphins, and also a diving guide of the Azores). Excellente pictures of Whales and Dolphins on his site: http://www.photonunosa.com/
    I think we will be seeing more of him the near future, love the site.

  8. I am a nature photographer from Nebraska. I have ejoyed your list of photographers it allowed me to see others i have nevere heard of. Thanks

  9. Hi there,

    I am a wildlife and landscape photographer living on Vancouver island British Columbia Canada. I Have been shooting at a professional level for four years and have professional training at Western academy of Photography.

  10. check out the work being done by Mireille de la Lez in the Arctic – her book, ‘Vanishing World’, contains stunning images of polar bears and arctic landscape – images that carry an underlying message about global warming and its impact on our planet.


    Many years ago, I was on the Editorial staff of National Wildlife magazine and International Wildlife magazine for National Wildlife Federation.

    I am an artist, and occasionally need photographs for art reference, and am interested in a few excellent photographs at regular intervals of select subjects from which I may work. Several of you are familiar names from my time at NWF. It will be delightful to speak with you again. Please do write or call.

    Kathy Groves
    2024 Senseny Road, Winchester, Virginia 22602
    telephone, 540 665-9497

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  14. Cole Morris

    Is a wildlife photographer who does mostly Waterfowl, ducks, geese, shore birds
    He also does some work with smaller birds………..works in upper midwest, North Dakota etc………..also the Arizona area in the winter……….