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Daniel Boud (here) left a comment on my Anton Corbijn post with audio (here) of Anton talking about his work.

The highlight is his love of imperfection in photography and how, as someone who wants to achieve perfection, he needs to use techniques that force imperfection. He shoots handheld with leicas and likes to print full frame so you see everything that is not right with the image and that’s the perfect way to make a picture. Awesome.

Here’s an old interview that says the same thing (here)

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  1. “Perfection is the devil.”
    — Yohji Yamamoto

    Corbijn’s Ian Curtis film was pretty good. I was not into the screenwriting (too plain), but it was definitely shot beautifully. And speaking of recent, beautifully shot, black and white films, Regular Lovers is another a must see.

  2. Very nice. I appreciate his perspective, and it reinforces my distaste for digital manipulations and extensive retouching. I would have never picked up a camera if I were not fascinated by the world as it is.

  3. I loved hearing about his love for imperfections. There is a long story behind my agreement with this statement but suffice to say: in large part, imperfections are what connect the viewer to our visual interpretations of the world. In our commercial world we all too often go way over the line into unrealistic perfection (see also beauty photography) but I find my most successful images generally feel much like “commercial photojournalism”. There is a captured moment that says “this isn’t a set”.