Can you spot a Dan Winters photograph a mile away? Yes, on a dead sprint past a newsstand out of the corner of my eye.

Is there more Dan than subject in those photographs? I don’t care.

When the editor professes a love for Dan Winters photography it only means he loves a photograph he once saw. Not, that he will love the photographs he’s about to get.

Could a Photo Directors job get any easier then giving Dan an assignment? Right up to the point where you’re told to give him art direction.

(Clarification: Dan is a Genius. I just think it’s stupid to art direct him and I’m not implying he doesn’t collaborate. He does.)Β 





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  1. Good point! It’s amazing how often art directors and photo editors can get in the way of great shots. But sometimes they can save the day. It’s the good ones that know the difference.

  2. I’ve worked with Dan on a few occasions, it was, well genius.
    I got a 2 prints. A cover an an opener. Done deal.

    2nd time, a little harder. I hired him to do do an illustration, gave him some art direction for the illo. We had a great exchange then I just waited for the sketch. He FAXED from his vacation, we signed off. Then the editor wants to CHANGE the illo. What did I do? Lie my ass off and tell everyone he was outta the country. You call Dan and tell him you need to photoshop his HAND DRAWN illustration.
    yeah right. What can I say, I work with tards.

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