It appears that Jake’s long time assistant Spencer has flown the coop and is crushing it for Esquire among others. Maybe he’s picking up Jake’s overbooking but the work is strong so I wouldn’t doubt he’s landing it himself.

Either way I’ve never forgotten his name because of the difficulty the airlines have with it when booking travel for he and Jake.


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  1. Easily one of the nicest people I have ever come across. Glad to see he is making the jump. A++

  2. thank you for your thoughts on our business – a welcome contribution to my daily rss feed…

  3. Top notch geezer…..his work is looking great.

  4. […] because while working in NY mere days into anonymously starting this blog, I made a post that “Spencer had flown the coop” after I noticed a big feature with his pictures in Esquire that made we want to immediately hire […]

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