I hear Alessandra Petlin is working on several big editorial projects. Repped by Rob Magnotta at Edge she’s been on my list for awhile now but it appears she’s blowing up. Go ahead and publicly shame me if she’s been hot since PDN 30’d her because I’m not exactly working on cutting edge shit here… if you can tell by my photographer posts so far. And, yes I realize she’s shot for the NY Times magazine since like, forever.

Oddly, it was a writer who made a strong recommendation and that convinced me I had to find something worthy ASAP.



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  1. So I guess static, highly fabricated portraits of people that speak nothing of the individual, but everything of the photographer is hot? Please, come back to reality and forget about the false hype.

  2. Well, I’m just gonna say I’ve been drinking the kool-aid too ever since I saw her in PDN30 a few years ago. You should check out Eric Ogden’s work too if you haven’t already. It’s kind of along the same bent. I’m sure Natoo will love it.

    Why’s it such a crime to take pictures of people that don’t speak of the individual. Everyone has they’re own motivation, intent, and message they’re trying to get across as an artist(photographer). Some people want to make it about the subject. Others want to use the subject to get another message/feeling across. I don’t really see anything wrong with it and I think there’s a place for both.

  3. oops…meant to say THEIR own motivation…..sorry.

  4. I think these photos are loaded with individuality. It’s just that it’s layered in and very subtle in some places. There’s a term for photos without a photographers influence. I think they’re called real estate photos…

  5. Brady nailed it.

    “Everyone has they’re own motivation, intent, and message they’re trying to get across as an artist(photographer).”

    IMHO – an image brings out the viewers feelings not the subjects’. It’s the job of the artist to insight emotion from the viewer using the subject. What we see in an image of Whoopie in Milk is about what we project, not necessarily what Ms. Goldberg is all about.

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