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Antonin is one of my favorite photographers of all time. I love giving him an assignment, especially something that’s not conflict related, because you’re guaranteed two things. 1. Amazing photography. 2. A fight with the editor. There’s really no two ways about it, Antonin’s photos are not conventional and most of us work at magazines that need and want and mostly publish conventional photography so there’s gonna be a fight with the editor(s) to get the good one’s published. At least, when you’re making the assignment, the fight is a long way off and all you think about is the glorious frames you will receive and the many endless possibilities for amazing 20 page layouts.






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  1. While I love your blog so far, I’m concerned about your publication of images–unless you have, for example, Mr. Kratochvil’s permission/a license from him specifically for this use, publishing his images on your blog is a violation of copyright. It’s not covered under “fair use” as some may think. Be careful!

  2. Betty,

    1) Actually, this blog entry fits the textbook definition of “commentary” within “fair use.”

    2) A Photo Editor says wonderful things about a photographer citing examples of the work which he calls “amazing.” The nerve of that…

  3. I got to attend a workshop in Mieres, Spain , taught by Antonin and i have to say that he surely left an impression on me. He allowed me to shoot freely in a very uninspiring place. I love his portraits the most.