Pale Blue Dot

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Feeling the challenges of 2014? Take a moment to reflect on this:

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  1. Indeed, very good perspective. Carl Sagan was the catalyst for my desire to become an astronomer (studied but went another path…) The follow-up to Cosmos begins airing in a few more months on the NatGeo channel with Neil deGrasse Tyson from the Hayden, produced by Sagan’s widow and Seth McFarlane.

  2. I go back to this every time I realize I’m losing the BIG picture….it quickly puts things in perspective.

  3. How prescient he was! I watched the entire Cosmos series as a child — devoured is a better word: the ethereal music, his voice and sense of wonder, the time lapse images. I found myself thinking about Carl Sagan on the day that Nelson Mandela died — how one person can make such a difference. If he were still alive today, I am sure that our global response to climate change would be much more aggressive, much more unified, thanks to his unique ability to communicate science in a way that resonates with all of us. Thank you for sharing this brilliant 3.46 minutes. I can’t wait for the NatGeo follow-up.