Martin Nachtwey – more famous than Krispy Kreme doughnuts

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I always say to young photographers, you’re screwed. They don’t like it, but there it is. If you really must insist on becoming a photographer like myself you need to carve a niche. Incubate your otherness. Detach yourself, and shoot like no-ones watching. Because they won’t be, not at your pictures. And iron your gingham shirts. And get a good agent. And be kind to small animals.

via duckrabbit.

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    • @Michael,

      As someone who just ironed a gingham shirt – they will look sloppy if you don’t.

      Unfortunately the damn thing wrinkles as soon as I hit the door.

  1. Lovely interview. But I’m confused as all hell.

    Martin Nachtwey: a name nowhere to be found on google. Try it.

    Think I get it…
    Ringflash: Martin Schoeller. Easy.
    War Photog: James Nachtwey, obviously.
    Fake interview on a hybrid ringflash-wielding war photographer?

    I just found the blog so I’m all sorts of confused. Either this is a regular thing around here, or it’s a ruse to ebay prints. Either way, fucking genius!

    Can somebody inform for a brother?

  2. I always think this sort of advice is really for the giver to make themselves feel like they’ve accomplished something no one else can do.

    • @Michael, maybe not in this case…but the play is that it’s been given a hundred times by a hundred different Martin Nachtweys.