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  1. I highly recommend ‘Edward Burtynsky: Manufactured Landscapes’. Also on netflix, not instant but well worth it.

  2. This is fantastic doc. This guy was/is the king of Architecture photography. I bought 3 of his books after I saw it. Such a moving story to see his history with the city of LA and it’s evolution. When you shoot something so much they give you an honorary doctorate in it…that says something about your skills.

  3. Have had my eye on it for a while-Can’t wait to see this.
    Lautner, Gehry etc’s buildings are just amazing work too.

  4. Great Doc. I watched it a few months ago and it is well worth it.

  5. I had the great pleasure of participating in a workshop with Julius Shulman. He had so much passion for photography and design. He was both brilliant and hilarious. I look forward to seeing this documentary!

  6. I had the pleasure of attending a screening of Visual Acoustics in Salt Lake City in May, and there was a panel afterward (among them was the director).

    When asked if Julius was able to see the film before he died, he said, yes, about 10 times! Evidently he couldn’t get enough of himself. Charming, charming man. It’s been awhile since I saw the film and I still can’t stop thinking about it.

  7. I saw this documentary when it aired on the Sundance Channel a couple of months ago. It’s well worth watching.

  8. A wonderful Documentary. Speaks to a love of both Photography AND Architecture. Shulman was brilliant and this film does a great job of telling his story.

  9. Ayy, Rob. You bring us such gorgeous gems. No words to express gratitude. Gracias.

  10. Just watched the documentary on the Sundance Channel. Words cannot express my joy for staying home on a Saturday afternoon! Mr. Shulman’s life was full and inspiring; the documentary simply wonderful.

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