I always say to young photographers, you’re screwed. They don’t like it, but there it is. If you really must insist on becoming a photographer like myself you need to carve a niche. Incubate your otherness. Detach yourself, and shoot like no-ones watching. Because they won’t be, not at your pictures. And iron your gingham shirts. And get a good agent. And be kind to small animals.

via duckrabbit.

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  1. “Not at your pictures?”
    “Gingham shirts?”

    • @Michael,

      As someone who just ironed a gingham shirt – they will look sloppy if you don’t.

      Unfortunately the damn thing wrinkles as soon as I hit the door.

  2. “Incubate your otherness. Detach yourself, and shoot like no-ones watching. ” – that my friend is the perfect quote.

    • @Bruce DeBoer, Totally on board with your comment, BD.

      And who is Martin? Long-lost half brother of James. I really don’t know, but hey, he might be in incubation mode …

      • @Shea Naer, Matters little: he’s brilliant!

  3. Lovely interview. But I’m confused as all hell.

    Martin Nachtwey: a name nowhere to be found on google. Try it.

    Think I get it…
    Ringflash: Martin Schoeller. Easy.
    War Photog: James Nachtwey, obviously.
    Fake interview on a hybrid ringflash-wielding war photographer?

    I just found the blog so I’m all sorts of confused. Either this is a regular thing around here, or it’s a ruse to ebay prints. Either way, fucking genius!

    Can somebody inform for a brother?

  4. Ok – I’m an idiot. Needed some coffee and a followup on comments. Good shit!

  5. I always think this sort of advice is really for the giver to make themselves feel like they’ve accomplished something no one else can do.

  6. Although in this case, there is no giver.

    • @Michael, maybe not in this case…but the play is that it’s been given a hundred times by a hundred different Martin Nachtweys.

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