APhotoEditor Is Taking The Week Off

- - Working

see you next week.

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  1. Michael T. Murpphy

    So, Rob – you’re so tired from **watching** the Tour that you need a week off? Geesh … ;>)

    Or are you out there all motivated, trying to emulate them on your mountain bike, while pretending to be Contador/Lance/Cavendish?

    Safe to say you should leave out the Hincapie “I’m-so-tough I don’t even want to know if my collarbone is broken until the tour is over” macho bit though.

    Cheers, have fun ….


    • Arty Farty

      @stephen gelb,

      See the latest doom and gloom from Getty giving us the news about micro pricing levels for web use and ““This gives photographers an opportunity to get into that marketplace without changing their business model,”

      Yeah right…

      Read this and weep: http://bit.ly/3Lr3dx